~ La Santisima Muerte Simple Fifth Pentacle of Mercury Road Opener/Abre Camino Ritual ~


This is a ritual combining the Fifth Pentacle of Mercury from the Greater Keys of Solomon and La Santisima Muerte.  The materials for this ritual are as follows:
Fith Pentacle of Mercury
Picture of yourself
Eye Dropper
Mercury Oil
Mercury Incense
Road Opener or Abre Camino oil
Abre Camino herb
Santa Muerte Oil
7 day Orange glass encased candle or the 3 colored Santa Muerte Road Opener Candle
Small Knife or Awl
Glass of Fresh Cold Water
This ritual is to be performed on Wednesday which is ruled by Mercury during the hour of Mercury for full effect.  Having gathered all the materials needed you will begin at the hour of Mercury by taking the pentacle of Mercury in your hand and facing east recite the following Psalms in order while holding the seal over the burning incense: 8, 18, 26, 21, 31, 50, 28, 71, 53, 133 then recite the following to complete the consecration of the seal:
“O ADONAI most powerful, EL most strong, AGLA most holy, ON most righteous, the ALPHA and the OMEGA10, the Beginning and the End; thou who hast established all things in thy Wisdom; thou who has chosen Abraham thy faithful servant, and hast promised that in his seed shall all nations of the earth be blessed, which seed thou hast multiplied as the stars of Heaven; thou who hast appeared unto thy servant Moses in flame in the midst of the Burning Bush, and hast made him walk with dry feet through the Red Sea; thou who gavest the Law to him upon Mount Sinai; thou who hast granted unto Solomon thy Servant these pentacles by thy great Mercy, for the preservation of Soul and of Body; we most humbly implore and supplicate thy Holy Majesty, that these pentacles may be consecrated by thy power, and prepared in such manner that they may obtain virtue and strength against all spirits, through thee, O Most Holy ADONAI, whose Kingdom, Empire, and principality, remaineth and endureth without end.” 
Once you have completed the consecration now take the seal and the picture of yourself and glueing those to together then once it is dried you will then glue the seal side onto the center of the candle so that your picture is facing out.
Then on the candle itself  you will draw the planetary symbol for Mercury then at the edge of the candle you will dig your knife or awl into the candle to the top, bottom, left and right of the candle then you will add exactly exactly 3 small drops of Mercury Oil, 3 drops Road Opener Oil and 3 drops Santa Muerte Oil then add a small pinch of Abre Camino herb then bless it by stating one of the two the following and making the sign of the cross on the top of the candle:
1) “In the name of The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” 
2) “In the name of The Great Queen Santisima Muerte this candle is now blessed. So Mote It Be”
Now you will with your finger at the top of the candle circle it once clockwise and state:  “As Above”
Then come back counter clockwise and state: “So Below”
You will now place the candle on your Santisima Muerte altar infront of the statue and give her the glass of water.  Now light the candle and recite Psalm 24:7 nine times then ask La Santisima Muerte to open whatever road it is that you need opened.  You are to recite the Psalm everyday until the candle burns out on it’s own change out the water daily.  
If you are working with the three traditional colors of La Santisima Muerte you will be working with the white image so remember to bring her forward from the other two and cover the other ones with their color associated covers.
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