~ Santisima Muerte Abre Camino Road Opener Ritual ~

Forever Searching

I do tend to use planetary hours and at times the planetary seals from the Keys of Solomon in a a few of my workings with La Santisima Muerte or like with this ritual I have used her Sello de La Sabidura which in using that seal she will reveal various opportunities and the decision is yours to make but for a more specific goal then you are better off using the 3rd Pentacle of Mars and then perform this ritual on the day of Mars at the hour of Mercury during the waning moon.
Materials Needed:
• 7 day 3 color Abre Camino/Road Opener candle
• 7 day white candle for La Santisima Muerte
• Abre Camino/Road Opener oil
• Abre Camino/Road Opener Herb (set a bit aside to burn as incense)
• Copy of the 3rd Pentacle of Mars from Greater Keys of Solomon
• Copy of el Sello de La Sabidura (should you choose to use this seal instead)
• Charcoal Disk and Incense Burner
• Heat resistant platter or dish
El Trabajo:
• Anoint your 3 color Abre Camino Candle with a sprinkling of Abre Camino herb and oil, DON’T OVER DO IT otherwise your wick will burn all wonky and IT WILL cause the glass to burn black.
• On the back of whichever seal you use write out your petition of the obstacle you want removed
• Place the seal on your altar then the candle on the seal
• Anoint the white candle and place it next to the Abre Camino candle
• Take your incense burner and place it in front of the candles, light your charcoal and let it get hot before adding the incense
• Light the candle to La Santisima Muerte first then the Abre Camino candle and say the following prayer or talk to her from your heart:
Santisima Muerte, Ancient Queen of Death,
clear for me, the road ahead.
Let obstacles be pushed aside,
remove roadblocks from my life.
Santisima Muerte, walk with me,
make my road open and free.
In your sacred name, So Mote It Be!
• Recite 7x, Matthew 18:18, Psalms 23, 24, and 25.
• Meditate on your petition and then recite psalm 150 to close out el trabajo.
• Repeat el trabajo everyday until the candle burns down completely on its own.
• After this, discard of the glass candle and carry the seal with you until your goal has been obtained or you can keep the seal in a safe place and repeat el trabajo every 90 days until it manifests itself AND REMEMBER MOST IMPORTANTLY, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR ANY KIND OF AN OPPORTUNITY!!!  Sometimes what we want and what La Santisima Muerte presents us with are two different things.
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