~ Candle Magick ~

*The © information provided below is part of the many lessons taught to students of my Correspondence Courses and Coven-Tradition members.*
        ~ THE HISTORY OF CANDLE BURNING IN SPELL WORKS ~                     

Candle Magic is one form of magic and is a force that combines psychic energy with the powers of the will to produce supernatural effects. Candles have a long history in religion worship, magic & folklore. They provide light, thus illuminating the darkness and repelling evil spirits while attracting benevolent ones.  In liturgy, they are offerings of fealty to a deity, in magic they are used in various spells & rituals while in folklore they are associated with the dead.

Candles have a unique place in our society today, and are also an incredible link with our past. Unlike anything else, candles convey messages of romance, warmth, spirituality, secret wishes and brightness, all with the simple construct of wax and wick. Embraced by almost every faith, creed and nationality, there is something special about a solitary flame and the energy exchange that it puts forth. It touches our souls. Who among us has not been be touched by the commonality of candles in our religions? People of all faiths and walks of life, and many different creeds, can join together in a candlelight vigil to grieve, or come together in prayer. Candles are unique tools indeed to link mankind to the Divine.

Candles are and always will be a path of light through our lives for it has roots stretching back to ancient times as a part of both religious ceremonies and magical rites.  They are the symbol of peace, warmth, the link that unites us with the divine and keep us away from turmoil and hate. Sweetness surrounds us when we light a candle and thru its light, we ask the Creator to grant us a wish, purification of our actions and the redemption of our sins.

Lightning a candle is not only applying the match to the wick, it  is the faith and understanding of the act we are burning candles for magical effect, spell-casting, and as an adjunct to prayer.  That small light is what bonds us with God. Candles are a tool that helps us to achieve peace of mind, tranquility, a wish, a beacon that shines thru darkness.  The brighter a candle light is, the more efficient its spiritual help.

In the old days, it was common to light a candle throughout the night in order to keep away the demons and evil influences.  Also in some passages of the Leviticus, it is said God has talked to Moses asking about an offering of fire for seven consecutive days, and there are some people that still follow this tradition, same as when a nine days candle is offered to a recent departed relative or loved one.

The Egyptians have been credited for both the inventive use of soaking pithy reeds in animal fats for “rush lights”, and the early use of beeswax. As early as 3000 BC, beeswax candles looking pretty much the same as our beeswax candles do today–cone shaped and with a reed as a wick, have been found placed in tombs of rulers. Romans quickly adopted and improved the methods of candle making, adding a “wick” of woven fibers. Romans used these “candles” to illuminate their homes and places of worship. Although many ancient cultures also used clay type oil lamps for illumination, the principles were the same, a “wick” usually made of flax to hold the flame and “fuel” of animal fat, plant oils (such as olive oil) or beeswax. The word “candle” comes to us from the Latin candere, meaning “to shine.”

Throughout time, man decided that if fire was essential for surviving, it was also essential for his spiritual and religious needs.  If you are feeling nervous, desperate, upset, take a white candle (the candle for all saints) look for a room that is the less cluttered room in the house.  Make sure to close the curtains and with devotion and respect, light the white candle, and sit.  Look at the flame, how it shines its light all around the room and slowly consumes.  Soon you will feel relaxed, your nerves will calm down and slowly you will be receiving answers or spiritual help.

This light represents purity, the honest truth; shadows represent lies and deception, good against evil.Candles were used in the Roman times of persecution against the first Christians, therefore, their use in the Catholic Church ceremonies.

The purpose of lightning a candle may have several meanings:

*Light the path for the souls

*Be successful in a difficult love affair

*Peace within the home and family

*To learn the truth

*To determine a change in luck

*To help someone develop spiritual powers

*As protection against evil spirits

*To help a marriage that has lost its harmony

*To help a dear departed relative

*To pay homage to the saints or thank them for a favor granted

*To have a safe and lucky trip

*To help us to get rid of an undesirable person, physically and spiritually

The major most important influence in the selection of candles for the use in spell works has been The Master Book of Candle Burning by Henri Gamache. The book gives detail instruction on how to select candles for certain purposes, anoint them and arrange them on the altar for spell works.  Of course if you are working with La Santisima Muerte then the meaning of the candle colors change because her magickal system is different.

Below we will find the meanings of color symbolism given to the candles being a combination of European magic with African religious symbolism:

WHITE: Virtues, virginity, clarity, spirituality, truth, spiritual blessings, purity, healing and rest.

BLUE: Creative force, tender love, sincerity and resolve to forgive, Shy, tendency to disenchantments/disappointments, frailty of health, weakness and tendency to tranquility, peace, harmony, joy, kindly intentions, healing

GREEN: Impulsiveness, creativity, enthusiasm, generosity, gambling luck, business, steady work, good crops, accumulation of wealth and constant desire of being an overachiever.

YELLOW: devotion, prayer, money (gold), cheerfulness, attraction

RED: Passion, jealousy. health, strength, forcefulness, affection, passion, bodily vigour.

PINK: Attraction, romance, clean living,love impulses, tenderness, giving, ingenuity, success, easy with words.

PURPLE: Mastery, power, ambition, control, command

ORANGE: Change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams, Fragility of thoughts, sadness and frustration up to a point

BROWN: Aid in court cases, neutrality, repression, stagnant, what is wished for but not asked for.

BLACK: repulsion, dark thoughts, submission, sorrow, freedom from evil, heaviness, negative way of seeing and doing things, doom, lack of energy, but when is worn, it represents elegance, triumph, luxury and mystery.

GREY: Judgment/analysis of each and every situation, reflective, fidelity patience.

RED & BLACK (Double Action): Remove a love-jinxing spell

WHITE & BLACK (Double Action): To return evil to the sender

GREEN & BLACK (Double Action): Remove money-jinxing

Monday        White
Tuesday        Red
Wednesday  Purple
Thursday      Blue
Friday           Green
Saturday       Black
Sunday          Yellow


Aries        White
Taurus     Red
Gemini     Light blue
Cancer     Green
Leo           Red and Green
Virgo        Gold and Green
Libra         Black and Blue
Scorpion    Maroon and Black
Sagittarius  Gold, Red and Green
Capricorn   Maroon, Grey and Black
Aquarius     Blue and Pink
Pisces          White and Pink

Candles in their mystic symbolism have a direct reference related with the primary colors

Red: Love in all its subtle, delicate and sublime expression.  Love: strong and conceived with power and force; permanent, unbreakable, capable of overcoming all obstacles, tenacity and complete.

Blue: Possibility and hope.  As the color of the celestial arch of heaven this color represents a compendium of all the aspirations of the human being than can be brought to reality through spiritual harmony. Devotion and security in its intimate expression.

Yellow: Color of nervousness, insecurity, disorientation. Voluble, changing but with visualization, perception very delicate.  Candles are lit to the saints, and they have their colors.

For instance:

St. Martha, St. Cecilia, St. Expeditus – green candle

Our Lady of Charity (Cuba), St. Ana, St. Roque – yellow candle

God or St. Barbara – red candle

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Great Power of God, St. Anthony, St. Francis of Assisi or St. Ignatius – maroon candle

Mary Auxiliadora, the Miraculous and our Lady of Fatima – blue candle

Satan, St. Blass or Judas – black candle

St. Claire, St. Eduvigis St. Helen – pink candle

all saints – white candle.

As stated before, if you light a candle without faith and conviction, you will not succeed.


Candles sizes vary in reference to their use and purpose, the biggest being the ones used in wedding ceremonies, to bring peace in the homes, move to better conditions in life, bring peace to a person are known as Altar Candles or Jumbo Candles  9” tall 1 1/2’ round.

As early as the 1930’s spiritual suppliers offered occult/spiritual workers figural or “image” candles for special uses. These candles were more expensive that the plain offertory candles but were used when workers were performing unusual or extremely strong spells, because their visual symbolism is easy to see and by carving names or other features in them, they can be personalized to represent individuals. Candles that are made to represent human figure – man or woman – can be used for good or bad, depending of the use and additional objects that surround them. For instance: for negative magick and evil: pins and needles to drive them mad, black arts oils, stones and crushed or broken glass to block their paths and black pepper to unleashed violence.

In addition to figure candles we have:

*Double Action Reversible Candles

*Seven Day Knob Candles

*Seven Wishes Glass Encased Candle

*Seven Wicks Exploding Candles (Siete Mechas Bomba)

*Votive candles

*Tea lights

*Religious Novena Glass Candles

*Vigil Glass Encased Candles

*Unlabeled Plain Glass Encased Color Candles

Anointed and dedicated to the individual purpose they serve, they serve as constant reminders that it is the “religion” and “honoring” that is daily of your focus, regardless as to whether or not there is a spell candle present on the altar.

Votives are an excellent choice for candle magick work. Most often when you think of votives, you think of their association with Catholic mass and services. A Mass offered for a votum, is aspecial intention. So we frequently find in prayers the expression, votiva dona “gifts offered with desire [of receiving grace in return]”.

Votives have even derived their name from Latin “Votum” which means prayer, wish, desire/vow, promise to God. I like to think they are superb beacons and messengers. They are quick (usually can be burned completely in an evening or a day) and usually inexpensive. Those handy little glass votive holders are easy to be found and really contain the wax so you usually burn the entire candle without much waste at all. For this reason I find them exceptional value-wise and extremely handy to have around because they store easily and make “quick work” of things. Take comfort in the fact that many church sanctuaries also use votives for the parishioners to light for rememberences and special prayers. Because they are small but stocky, you may find it helpful to inscribe a small sigil, rune or magickal symbol on them.

Tapers are wonderful to work with as well. Quite often you can find excellent quality tapers on sale when stores change their stocks. As they are widely available in a variety of colors. Because they may be fragile and can break, long slender tapers should be carefully stored. Due to this fragility, they are best left either unscribed or with minimal inscription and enjoyed in a elegant standard type candle holder or some beautiful ritual candle holders.

Short square pillars, mini-pillars and the larger column candles offer a unique opportunity because they can not only be inscribed with many magickal sigils, runes or drawings, but offer enough surface area to often etch in or write out the entire working. In fact, you may come across a need to not only work out prose on paper, but feel compelled to inscribe the entire candle with it. Even if left uncarved, multi-hour candles like these can continue to burn with the same energy you need daily until the entire candle is burned if you have a particular working that you know will take some time.

The last one listed is most excellent for those who want to do works without the 21 questions from friends and family who are wondering what your doing. But these candles can also be used to do good, providing they are surrounded with good and positive objects.  It also depend the seriousness, dedication and sincere invocation put into it.

Prayers, invocations and reading the Bible is important for doing this kind of work, since the candle is a spiritual link to God. Candles are used mostly by those who want to succeed financially in life, a lover who has gone astray, a household/family or relative in distress. It is necessary to study the Table of Color of Candles and work with them accordingly to their own personal needs.

When doing spiritual work with a candle, a wooden table is the best, since it is a good spiritual conductor. Some people sprinkle the altar with Holy Water while praying to the “Righteous Judge” so their prayers will be heard. Black candles used in spiritual works are used to drive away enemies, break couples, confuse, using oils of Confusion, I can and you can not, or Go Away or others.



Many Occult, LAT and ATR practioners consider the devil to be a conjurer and to have him on one’s side is to be helped by the master of all the arts. Some devil or Satan candles as it is known as come in the shape of the devil with a trident in his hand and surrounded by flames.  These candles are burned on the altar along with the spell you are casting in order to obtain his aid.

The devil candle also comes in various colors and used for various spell works:

*Red Devil Candles are used to sexual domination spells or revenge

*Green Devil Candles are used to make someone pay money that is owed and also to obtained money without much work.

*Black Devil Candles are used to drive unwanted associates away and to cause harm upon an enemy.

When used in beneficial rituals the Devil candle is burned only during the daylight. It is anointed with Black Arts oil and placed on the altar facing the wall. A wish is made and the candle is lit and burned for one hour. After this beginning ritual to gain the aid of the master conjurer any other ritual can be performed.

When used in hexing rituals, crossing, revenge, etc., the Devil candle is burned only at night.  The Devil candle is anointed with any jinxing oil that corresponds with the spell that is being performed and placed on the altar facing forward. Supplications are made to him for help in achieving whatever the following ritual is designed for.   After the candle is lit you may begin your ritual. The candle is lit and allowed to burn through the night. *IMPORTANT: when leaving a candle to burn overnight it is important to take precautions to make sure that any spell work does not turn into a tragedy.  When burning figure candles of any kind it is best that you have a heat resistant bowl to put them in and make sure that you keep your pets away from your work space so they don’t knock them over.*

Remember though that with these “devil” candles and symbolism the idea in Occult and other practices is not actually calling upon a demonic or evil spirit per se but a “hot” spirit.  In Haitian Vodou these aggressive spirits are known as djabs.  Hot and aggressive spirits are worked with a lot in ATRs hence the reason you’ll find images of the devil used to represent them.

What does the devil represent in people’s minds apart from evil?  PASSION, Lust, Quick TEMPER, FIRE, Aggression, Trickery, Impatience, Carnal Desires, HEAT, QUICKNESS & Ability to work FAST, Control, Domination, you get the idea… The Devil embodies these ideas and this is the kind of force we need at times to get things moving.  Demons can be worked with and similar imagery can be used to represent them.

Every worker needs to have at least a couple of aggressive spirits who get things done when the time is right because sometimes Spirit takes too long.  At times your spirits may work too slow or decide not to work for you in certain situations especially those that may need a quick solution.  That’s where the hot spirits come in.  You can find them in many places especially the crossroads and graveyard.  If you work with a spirit from the graveyard usually the ones who died badly or lived bad lives (murderer, thief, etc) will work best.  Even though you can work with this energy I’m not suggesting that you take it lightly because with these spirits just as they are mad and HOT-tempered they can lash out at you so you have to be careful when doing this kind of work.


Dressing a candle is using the appropriate oil that goes with the ritual.  Some practitioners in the Caribbean or Brazil, tie around the candle strands of hair or pieces of the clothes of the intended person or victim.  They can also use a piece of paper with the name and tie it around the candle and add the appropriate oils. When anointing the candle with oil, it is customary to hold it in the center and work from the center upwards, and then from the center downwards.

Offertory and figural candles are dressed by rubbing them: upward to draw and downward to repel with the appropriate occult oil. Some practitioners then sprinkle them with sachet powders or roll them in finely cut occult herbs selected for their specific spiritual powers. But if you know the astral color of the person, you can tie it to the candle and work the oil same as stated above.

Candles that are marked on behalf of a client is done in the form of a petition which consists of writing a person’s name and their request on a paper usually parchment and placing it under a candle.

Papers placed under a candle is known as “Burning a candle for him/her.”  Placing court summonses under the candle of a saint before going to court is one way of petitioning the saint for aid in the matter. Pictures can also be placed in front of or under a candle depending on the purpose of the candle spell and oil used.

Free-standing candles are better known as pillar and taper candles which are placed on candle holders.  When working with pillar candles it is always best to put a plate under them in order to avoid the wax getting onto your altar as hard wax tends to be a bit of a hassel to remove later not to mention the fact that their colors tend to stain altar cloths and if the altar is made of wood like most are the wood gets stained as well.

Tapers are best for spell works that require various candles to be lit at once but always remember check the positioning of the candles prior to lighting. They should not set too close together that they effect they way their neighbor burns and should not be close to anything that may catch on fire.

Some candle spells require that the candle be burned a certain length at a time or a certain amount of hours (usually one hour) for several days. In other spells, the candle is required to move closer to or away from other candles over the course of the work.

When working with glass encased candles it is best to let them burn straight through but if you wish to burn them for a short period of time then relight them you may wish to have fireplace matches handy to relight them as the wick gets further down into the candle and those short matches no longer reach. Some practitioners will light the candle first followed by the incense while others will light the incense first then candle. How you choose to do this it up to you.


When performing spells with candles it is very important to pay attention to the manner in which the candle burns. Practitioners of various traditions and Spiritists who light candles for clients often pay attention to and make a habit of noticing the manner in which the candles burn so that they can draw conclusions about their end results and if more work will be needed in order to insure success.

The following are the most common and effective ways to interpret Candles while I am sure there are many different other forms of interpretation for how they burn. If you follow the below suggestions, you will see fast results in your magical endeavors:

NORTHERN MOVEMENT OF FLAME: Something physical is manifesting so you will have to work for what you wish to achieve

EASTERN MOVEMENT OF FLAME: Something mental is manifesting so you need to think things through and have patience in situations.

SOUTHERN MOVEMENT OF FLAME: Something intense and short lived is manifesting. Success comes rapidly and with intensity

WESTERN MOVEMENT OF FLAME: The manifestation of strong magical intervention. The issue is too emotional and you are too involved. Step away for a while and clear your thoughts.

IF THE SMOKE WAFTS TOWARDS YOU: That your prayer has been heard and will be granted quickly.

IF THE SMOKE WAFTS AWAY FROM YOU: Perseverance will be needed to achieve your desire

IF THE SMOKE TURNS TOWARDS YOUR RIGHT: You will need to use a bit of patience with success coming from using your head.

IF THE SMOKE TURNS TOWARDS YOUR LEFT: You are becoming too emotionally involved with the situation and are in danger of subconsciously sabotaging yourself so that your prayer will not be answered.

This is often seen as a sign that the person on whom you are working is subconsciously aware of your actions and may be responding partially, then fighting off your influence, then responding again. Be sure, however, that this behavior of the candle flame is not caused by the mundane fact that you have set the candle in a draft. If necessary, move the candle somewhere else and see if the repeated flaring up and dying away stops; if it does not stop, then it is to be considered a sign, and not simply a physical coincidence.

This means things are going to go hard — the spell may not work, the blessing may fail, the person is in deeper stress or trouble than you thought. If the work is being done against an enemy and the enemy’s candle burns sooty and dirty, then it is likely that the enemy is fighting your influences, it can also be the influence of the amount of herbs and oils added as these things can effect the way a candle burns especially if to much was added as well as if the wax is of poor quality.

That all will go well with the spell and that one will most likely get what one wishes for. If a glass encased candle burns and leaves no marks on the glass, that is best. If a free-standing candle leaves little or no residue, that is best.

This indicates that there is hidden trouble with the person for whom the lights have been set or that someone is working against your wishes. Things will not go well at first, but by repeated spells you may get them to go better.

The Center or main flame represents the client. If candle is used for protection then the ones around the center represent the enemies. If it is to dominate then it means that the person is being helped by people.

This is a sign that there are spirits present.

The spell is being fought off by guardian spirits but more then likely the spell will work, this can also be the result of too much added herbs and oils added to the candle.

Another type of spell must be performed or there was too much wax that pooled around the wick and caused it to go out which is considered a defect from the candle factory

For the most part once a candle has been light is should remain so until the spell is completed. If you feel uncomfortable about leaving while a candle is lit then place the candle in the sink, tub or shower with a terra cotta plate underneath and curtains at a safe distance.

Your guardian spirits do not want you to turn the candle off because they detecting something good or bad and cannot effectively assist you with the candle out.

The spell is working fast and another must be lit immediately.

The candle prevented something from attacking you and/or a lot of negative energy has been directed towards you or the client, if you are using the 7 mechas candle it’s meant to explode as a form of block buster candle

A spiritual cleansing must be done before before beginning the spell or you picked up a bad candle and need to replace it with another one.

If the spell is for self protection, this means that while you were performing the spell, witchcraft was directed your way and your spirits were unable to fight it off. If the spell was directed toward another individual, their spirits were able to fight the attack off and has alarmed the individual. Another type of spell must be performed or too much wax pooled at the center causing the wick to go out.

The spell is going to work and be effective. A candle with a tall flame indicated the arrival of a stranger.

The candle is working to remove obstacles blocking your way, it could also be the result of cutting the wick too close to the wax.

If after the candle burns down and the glass it totally black it means that someone is throwing negativity at you and a cleansing of yourself and your home is needed.

The spell was met with resistance before it began to work.

The spell was met with resistance at the end but cleared the way.

The spell was only partially effective which means either the wrong type of candle or candle dressing was used or it was made poorly at the candle factory.

The candle broke the negativity in the environment as a result from strong pressure from secret enemies working against you, it is also the result of the wick being too close to the glass.

This gives you an opportunity to observe the flow of wax for signs. For instance, if you are burning a bride-and-groom type candle for love, and the woman’s wax runs all over the man’s, then the woman desires the man more than he desires her. If you are burning a green money candle and the wax melts and runs down onto the monetary offering, then the spell is “eager to work” and the candle is “blessing the money.” Some people try to influence the way melting wax runs. They do this as an intentional part of the spell-work, to increase the likelihood that things will go the way they want. Others prefer to let nature take its course and to watch running wax for signs, without interfering in its movements.

When this happens, most workers will examine the shape of the wax for a sign that may suggest an outcome regarding the matter at hand.

A CANDLE THAT LETS OUT A LOT OF SMOKE BUT BURNS AT THE END:    Again, hidden trouble or someone working against your wishes. Things will not go well at first, but with repeated work you will overcome.

This is a bad sign because it indicates that someone very strong is working against you or against the person on whose behalf you are setting the lights. You will have to start the entire job over from the beginning and you may need to use stronger means than you first employed, it also has to do with the quality of the candle and if it was poorly made.

The most obvious reason is that the candle was not properly secured in a candle holder, the second most obvious reason is that Not only will the spell probably fail but there may be increased danger ahead for you or the client. In order to accomplish anything, you will have to start the entire job over from the beginning — but first do a thorough Uncrossing spell for everyone involved and ritually clean the premises before setting any more lights.  

Generally a fast burn is good, but an overly-fast burn (compared to other times you have used the same kind of candle) means that although the work will go well, it may not last long. You might have to repeat the job at a later date. If you have set lights for several people and one person’s candle burns faster than the others, then that person is most affected by the work, but the influence may not last long enough to produce a permanent change.

Candle flames can be extinguished by using a candle snuffer which is the best option, by pinching the flame out with your fingers or by waving a fan. NEVER BLOW OUT A CANDLE!!

By using the appropriate incense, oils, powders, poppets and other instruments in your spell work BUT above all else it is YOUR FAITH in your own work.


In the occult and many of the African traditions the disposal of the remaining wax if any depends on the type of spell used and what the worker instructed the client to do if the client was to work the spell themselves.

Should the purpose of the spell be to bring about blessings, money drawing, love drawing or home protection, the materials can be wrapped in a cloth in the color of the spell and bury them in the yard. For businesses they can be buried at the front door to draw customers, money and success.

If the purpose of the spell is to remove a hex or a crossed condition the materials are to be wrapped in a black cloth and thrown into running water that runs away from the house or if you can toss it or bury it in the yard of the person who sent it. You can also take it to the crossroads and toss it onto the center of the crossroads over your left shoulder and walk away without turning back. It is important to never bury remains from negative spells in one’s own yard.

To get someone to move, you can divide the materials such as Hot Foot Powder with the remains of the candle and beginning with the nearest crossroads closest to where the person lives, toss the ingredients then travel away from their house dropping off pieces of the material at every crossroad one encounters until you have gotten rid of all the materials used in the spell. This spell is done easier in the country then in the city cause crossroads tend to be several miles apart from one another where as in the city the crossroads then be almost one top of the other. When performing this spell in the city you would only count intersections with traffic lights. This is a great spell to perform if you have happen to be one of those people that live in the country and have to drive an hour or more to get to work.

Should the intention of the spell be of the utmost serious of nature, use as irreparably harmful and especially if the spell contains the infamous graveyard dirt or goofer dust one can dispose of the material in a graveyard. The wax and other remnants are placed in a miniature coffin, buried, and marked by a miniature headstone with the enemy’s name on it.

When setting such a spell to rest, many workers also sprinkle a mixture of sulphur powder and salt around the grave, then walk home and don’t look back. If you cannot gain access to a graveyard at night since many of the modern graveyards have fences all around the property it is best to just place the materials inside a paper bag and toss it over the fence while walking by.


Have you ever dreamed about being pursued, it means there are those wishing you ill and working against you.  On a Thursday night, light a yellow candle and ask St. Lazarus to clear your way and take all those bad thoughts away.  If you have a statue or stamp of St. Lazarus, put a small glass next to him with rum and smoke him with tobacco.

Unable to wake up from you dream and trying to? It means someone you think as a close friend is working against you.  Find out your color and astral sign, light the candle and ask your Spiritual guide for help.

Dreaming about water, running under the rain, house full of water, unable to close the water faucet? This dream means the presence of many negative spirits that surround you and your Spiritual Guide is fighting against. Water represents that they are trying to “drown” you in despair and problems. 

Before going to bed, put a glass of water next to your bed, light a white candle in honor of our Lady of Mercy, and a red candle to St. Barbara and ask your guide to give you strength and guidance to defeat your enemies.  Then blow the candles but leave the water, and go to sleep.

Dreaming about being lost? In a place you do not know and have no idea where to go? It foretells of forthcoming problems.  Get a red apple and light a red candle, put these items next to St. Barbara’s image or stamp and ask her for protections and guidance.

Dream about seeing somebody’s spirit but could not see the face?  That you talked to him/her but got no answer? It means, there is a spirit close to you that wants to help you, but needs light, therefore it can not reveal himself/herself to you. Take a glass of water and put it in a high place, light a blue candle and ask Our Lady of Regla  to light the way for this spirit that wants to help you.

Dream about being in a place you have been before? Everything looks familiar?  It is a dream about re-incarnation.  You are re-living your past life and while this is happening, your spirit is wandering and meeting with things that happened in the past.  In order to protect you spirit, light a white candle for your Spiritual Guide.

If you dream about water falling on you and you can’t get away from it, it means sudden changes, instability.  If you want these moves to be positive for you, place on a white saucer or dish, a white candle in honor of Our Lady of Mercy and an apple for St. Barbara. When lightning the white candle invoke your Spirit Guide’s for protection and help Say the prayer to St. Barbara. Do this for three days

If you dreamed about somebody next to your bed, but could no see his/her face, even though you dreamed it, it means a spirit is trying to warn you about danger.  This spirit needs help, light a white candle, while praying” Our Father” on his/her behalf.

If you dreamed about being in a place that has antiquities, that you know that in a certain house lived certain person, that you walked out of that house in you wedding gown, it means you are re-living your past. If you want to keep having these kind of dreams, light a white candle and ask your Spiritual Guide to help you and show them to you, it can help you in the future.  These are very sweet dreams.










221-Making payments


If any of these have been good dreams, light a white candle on a Friday and ask your Spiritual Guide for support and to make the dream come true. If it is a negative dream, light a white candle and ask you Spirit Guide to drive away the spirits that are disturbing your dream.








109-Hospital bed




To avoid them to come true or if happening, to deal with the situation in a better way, light a blue candle and ask your Spiritual Guide for protection and help to overcome the problem.


342-Dancing together


874-Walking together

481-Declaration of Love

439-Exchanging pictures

394-Holding hands





If you have had any of these dreams for three consecutive nights, light a white and a red candle, asking the Lord to guide you and to give you peace and happiness.  Also, pray to the Righteous Judge with faith and conviction












If you have had one of these dreams three nights consecutively, and if you want them to become a reality, light a red candle. Don’t forget that faith is like a magnet, it will make your wish come true.  Have faith in God, in yourself and your prayers, and if they are sincere, will be granted.












In order to have dreams that are good, that project good things to come, give you peace and to minimize the effects of bad dreams, every first Tuesday of each month light a white, red and blue candle and ask your Spirit Guide (with faith) to make your dreams be premonitions and how to deal with them.  When done, tie a white ribbon around the candles and put them away.


Aries: The Ram with the Golden Fleece

Rules from March 21 to April 19

Strong character, possessive and a fighter. Enjoys being at home and work

Best time: 11 am

Lucky number: 024

Candle color: White

Born under this sign should light a white candle at least once a month to their Spirit Guide.

Taurus: The Bull – Shape taken by Jupiter so he could kidnap Europe

Rules from April 20 to May 20

Adventurer and possessive.  Taurus children never say  NO, always willing to go looking for a better future.

Best Time: 2 pm

Lucky number: 182

Candle color: Green

It’s recommended to light a green candle (symbol of hope) on the last Friday of the month, and ask your Spiritual Guide for help

Gemini: The Twins: Castor and Polux, example of friendship and fidelity.

Rule from May 22 to June 22

Insistent and dominants, always observing and meditating.  Conservative and timid.

Best time: 11 pm

Lucky number: 223

Candle color: Grey

Nothing better than to light a grey candle to clear your path, and get rid of negative spirits, on the last Thursday of each month.

Cancer: The Crab that bit Hercules while Hercules was killing the Hydra of Lerna

Rules from June 22 to July 22

Courageous and passionate, ready to fight.  Bad luck with friends, always being disillusioned and being let down

Best time: 10 am

Lucky number: 626

Candle color: Red

Due to their passionate temperament, they always get in trouble.  To avoid these situations they need to light a red candle every Monday and offer it to St. Barbara

Leo: The Lion (of Nemea, that Hercules drowned – one of the several Hercules tasks ordered by the Gods)

Rules from July 23rd to August 22nd.

Pensive, sad, but with a big heart, affectionate, most of the time gets disappointments from people he/she trusts.

Best time: 6 pm

Lucky number: 364

Candle color: Yellow

Try make it as a daily “chore”, to light a yellow candle in honor to Our Lady of Altagracia on Fridays and also say her prayer.

Virgo: The Maiden Astina
Rules from August 23rd to September 22nd.
Loving, quiet, perseverant.  They sit and look at things from a distance and make ready for battle if necessary, they also look busy. People think they can fool them because of this.

Best time: 10 pm

Lucky number:646

Candle color: Blue

Character is calmness, which sometimes brings you trouble.  To avoid this, light a blue candle every Tuesday to our Lady of Regla, Queen of the Oceans so she will clear your path from obstacles.

Libra: Balance (Themis’s Balance)

Rules from September 23rd to October 22nd

Patience, decisive, the Libra children think very carefully before making decisions but once taken, there is no turning back; they do not accept defeat so easily, so they fight back.

Best time: 11 am

Lucky number: 504

Candle color: Pink

Those feelings of being there before or seen it before (déjà vu)  are reflections of past life that come back to you.  Your spirit guide is close to you.  To help him/her, light a pink candle.

Scorpion:  Diana turned Orion into this animal.

Rules from October 23rd to November 21st.

Restless, jealous and tenacious, fighters dislike defeat so they are always prepared to do battle, therefore commanding everybody’s respect.

Best time: 5 pm

Lucky number 722

Candle color: Gold

This restlessness is a constant in their life since they are battling remnants from their past life and the present one, thanks to their spirit guide that is always at their side.  To help your guide whenever feeling depressed or anxious, light gold candle and say:” This is my life; you are only here to help me fight my enemies.  Do not insist.”

Sagittarius: The Centaur Chiron that taught Achilles how to handle the bow and arrow.

Rules from November 22nd to December 21st.

Jolly, loving, fragile, generous like no one else, friendly, bohemians.  They see everything thru a pink lens and even when life throws them a monkey wrench, they put their best foot forward and try to make the best out of it.

Best time: 9 pm

Lucky number: 533

Candle color: Silver

Sagittarians always come on triumphant because they are spiritually strong and their spirit guide never abandons them.  Nevertheless, is advisable that they light a silver candle on the last Saturday of the month, as an offering and thank you to their spirit guide.

Capricorn: The Goat Amalthea that nursed Jupiter

Rules from December 22nd to January 20

Unchanging, reflexive, dedicated, strong of character. Can not be intimidated nor destroyed.  Have patience to wait and see their enemies fall, and sometimes fell a void around them, but they pick up and dust themselves quickly.

Best time: 6 pm

Lucky number 436

Candle color: Black

The proximity of your spirit guide is of great help for development. Get to know and practice support for your guide, so he/she can fight your enemies.  On Friday nights, light a black candle and ask for support, guidance and a clear path.

Aquarius: The Amphora – Ganymede son of Troya and that Jupiter brought to Mount Olympus , used to pour the nectar for the Gods.

Rule from January 21st to February 19

Dominants, straight, loving, love order, dislike silly gatherings, not too communicative, and work incessantly in their plans or endeavors.

Best time: 8 pm

Lucky number: 424

Candle color: Maroon

To achieve peace and progress, need to light a maroon candle the first Monday of the month as an offer to St. Anthony.

Pisces: The Dolphins –  who carried Anfitrite to Neptune

Rule from February 20th to March 19th.

Impulsive, indomitable, never surrender to defeat and fight it, in the assurance that can win at the end.  Honest in their actions and also pure of thoughts, and when things go wrong for them, their spirit guide supports them and they pick up themselves.

Best time: 5 pm

Lucky number 808

Candle color: Light blue

Light blue like the sky is their magick symbol,  so it is advisable to light a candle of this color the first Thursday of the month as an offering to the Seven Powers and ask with faith so your wish could be granted.

Below is a “Dictionary” as I like to call it of various candles I have found and used over many years in many of the old long standing Occult stores and Latin Botanicas.  I am sure that over time that the names of the candles have been changed and some are no loner being produced



ADAM & EVE CANDLE: To draw love, increase sexual passion, keep a couple close

ALGIERS CANDLE: Burn to attract love and gambling luck

ALTAR CANDLE: An important offertory candle used with any ritual

ALL SPICE CANDLE: Burn to increase will power

ALL PURPOSE CANDLE: For gaining help of beneficial forces and spirits. Burn at any ritual or alone.

ANGEL/ARCHANGEL CANDLE: Protects from evil spirits and overcomes hexes

ANIMA SOLA (LONELY SOUL)CANDLE: Light for those who have died of sinful means and are in purgatory. (Suicides, state executions for their crimes, Etc.)

AQUARIOUS CANDLE: (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: God’s Messenger; patron of telecommunication workers, dream interpretation, and conception

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Defender of Heaven and Earth; patron of policemen, a powerful protector

ARIES CANDLE: (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign

ATTRACTION CANDLE: To draw love, money, friends, or anything you desire and request


BANISHING CANDLE: To be rid of one unwanted

BAPHOMET CANDLE: Burned only when extreme conditions require all possible power for success of rituals

BAT’S BLOOD CANDLE: Use to cast evil spirits and to place a hex on someone you wish to get even with

BAT’S EYE CANDLE: Use to break a love affair and to hex any unfaithful mate or lover

BAT’S HEART CANDLE: Will cause tension and bad luck to any lover that has done you wrong

BEND OVER CANDLE: Makes bend to your will

BENEFICIAL CANDLE: For fortunate prophetic dreams

BETTER BUSINESS (LA HERRADURA PARA NEGOCIO)CANDLE: Stop Blockages to business, draw Customers

BEWITCHING CANDLE: For enthralling, beguiling, bewitching and securely binding a lover.

BINGO CANDLE: Increase your chances of winning the big jackpot.

BLACK ARTS CANDLE: For Black Magick, hexings, crossings, to aid while raising spirits, performing sorcery, and making pacts.

BLACK CAT CANDLE: For gaining good luck with lotteries, dice, card games, races, and all forms of gambling.

BLACK CAT ON SKULL CANDLE: Very powerful for breaking curses, hexes and defeating bad luck

BLACK MALE OR FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: Black image candles are used in rituals intended to bring harm to a foe.

BLACK HEXING CANDLE: For placing a powerful hex on someone

BLACK PROTECTION CANDLE: Used for extreme protection spells and magic

BLACK SKULL CANDLE: Black Skull Candles are used for very serious matters. They should be used with care and only when someone has intentionally caused you real suffering and pain.

BLACK WAX CANDLE: Use in any hexing ritual, repulsion, dark thoughts, sorrow, freedom from evil.

BLESSINGS CANDLE: To help those in need; for blessings received; to ease sorrow and pain; for remembrance.

BLUE WAX CANDLE: Used for peace, harmony, joy, kindly intentions, healing

BLOCK BUSTER CANDLE: Break spells and solve difficult problems.

BOSS FIX CANDLE: To get your boss on your side, to stop problems on the job, for promotions

BREAK-UP CANDLE: To drive a couple apart by causing them to quarrel and fight

BROWN MALE OR FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: Brown image candles are used in rituals which seek to have lost items found or returned to their owner, or to restore qualities which have been weakened or destroyed.

BROWN WAX CANDLE: Used for court case spells, neutrality

BUSINESS CANDLE: Burn to attract customers

BUSINESS SUCCESS CANDLE: Burn to increase cash flow


CANCER CANDLE: (June 21 – Jul 23) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

CAPRICORN CANDLE: (Dec. 21 – Jan. 19) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

CAST OFF EVIL CANDLE: To rid yourself or those you love of bad habits and to break links to bad companions.

CAT’S BLOOD CANDLE: Used to break jinxes and hexes that have been placed upon you.

CAT’S EYE CANDLE: A very potent blend used to protect yourself against envious people

CAT’S HEART CANDLE: A very potent spell or hex breaker, used in uncrossing rituals

CHUPARROSE (HUMMINGBRID) CANDLE: Prayer to the Divine Hummingbird (a Native American deity) for an honest love relationship.

COILED SNAKE CANDLE: For powerful protection from all evil.

COME TO ME CANDLE: To draw the man or woman desire closer to you in love, sex, and passion.

COMMANDING CANDLE: For command and leadership power over persons and situations.

COMPELLING CANDLE: To compel another to make good on a promise

CONQUERING GLORY CANDLE: To gain power over anyone

CONTROLLING CANDLE: Gain authority over both enemies and loved ones.

COURT CASE CANDLE: Burn before and during court appearances to get justice and influence the court.

CRESCENT CANDLE: Very powerful in attracting good fortune and help.

CRISTO DE LOS MILAGROS:  Burn to solve difficult problems

CROSS OF CARAVACA (LA CRUS DE CARAVACA): Guard against misfortune, injury, and harm. Wishes Granted

CROSS WITH SNAKE CANDLE: One of the very strongest candles used to send a hex or a curse back to an enemy who is causing it.

CROSSING CANDLE: Used in enemy work or tricks to bring on crossed conditions. mess up an enemy, to create crossed conditions in their life.

CROWN OF SUCCESS CANDLE: Helps push aside those who hinder your rise upward to success and for desired results when taking tests, seeking a job, playing sports, etc.

CRUCIBLE OF COURAGE CANDLE: Overcoming fears, gain courage and prosperity.

CUT AND CLEAR CANDLE: To completely remove old influences and failed relationships from your life.

CURSE-BREAKER CANDLE: Burn to remove hexes placed upon you.


DAMNATION CANDLE: Utilized when cursing a wrong-doer to suffer in Hell for his or her crimes

DEVIL’S CANDLE: For hexes, crossings, witchcraft

DEVIL’S MASTER CANDLE: Gain power over those of the opposite sex you strongly desire.

DIVINE SAVIOR (GRAN PODER)CANDLE: Burn daily for numerous blessings

DIXIE LOVE CANDLE: A love-drawing candle for men or women.

DO AS I SAY CANDLE: Light before you interact with difficult to handle people.

DOMINATION CANDLE: Allows the user to gain complete control over other people.

DOUBLE XX CANDLE: Use to place strong hexes and crossings on your enemies

DOVE’S BLOOD CANDLE: For love, and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise.

DOVE’S EYE CANDLE: Burn to remove evil intention.

DOVE’S HEART CANDLE: Will calm restless souls and solve all problems of the heart

DR.GERGORIO HERNANDEZ: Patron of medical students is known for healing miracles

DRAGON’S BLOOD CANDLE: Burn at Midnight to defeats curses, hexes and crossed conditions

DRAW BACK CANDLE: To bring back a lost love or unfaithful mate

DRIVE AWAY CANDLE: To be rid of bad luck and enemies

D.U.M.E. DESTRUCTION (Destructora) CANDLE: Even the score with those that do you harm.


EASY LIFE CANDLE: Allows you to relax while others do your work

EASY TIMES CANDLE: Use for financial security and improve personal conditions

ELEVENTH DEGREE CANDLE: Burn prior to magickal rituals to help gain insight

EXODUS CANDLE: Makes those that harass you leave you alone and also dispels evil spirits.

EXORCISM CANDLE: Powerful formula for troublesome spirits obsession and possession of houses or people.


FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY (Fe, Esperanza & Caridad) CANDLE: Guard against misfortune, injury, and harm. Wishes Granted

FAST LUCK CANDLE: Burn for all manner of competitive things and to enhance your luck

FAST MONEY CANDLE: Burn to bring money to you quickly.

FEAR NOT WALK OVER EVIL CANDLE: Protection against messes that have been laid down for you.

FIERY COMMAND CANDLE: Forces all other people to do your every bidding without a second thought.

FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION CANDLE: Restrains anyone from placing an evil hex on you

FIRE OF LOVE CANDLE: To win love, increase desires.

FLAMING POWER CANDLE: For success in any endeavor and gain fearless confidence.

FLYING DEVIL CANDLE: A special Voodoo uncrossing blend used to overcome the power of a strong ouanga or hex

FOLLOW ME BOY CANDLE: Used to make a man follow one, emotionally, sexually, and in all ways.

FOUR LEAF CLOVER CANDLE: Burned for one hour each day for seven days it is extremely powerful in getting good luck

GAMBLER’S LUCK CANDLE: Burn to bring luck in gambling

GARLIC (AJO MACHO) CANDLE: Protection against enemies who work against your money or business

GEMINI CANDLE: (May 21 – Jun 21) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

GENITAL (MALE OR FEMALE) CANDLES: BLACK – Used to cross, tie down or destroy the sexual nature of another.  RED – Used to draw sex or strengthen sexual desire in another.

GET AWAY CANDLE: Send someone away from you and your family

GLOW OF ATTRACTION CANDLE: To attract money, good fortune, love, success.

GO AWAY CANDLE: To make unwanted persons leave you alone

GO AWAY EVIL CANDLE: Send Evil and Hexes out of your surroundings.

GOAT CANDLE: For success in hexing and invoking the help of the Master Voodoo Conjurer

GOOD LUCK CANDLE: A bright light for gambling luck, luck in love, and luck in business.

GREEN & BLACK (Double Action)CANDLE: For removing money-jinxes

GREEN CAT CANDLE: Used for attracting money.

GREEN SKULL CANDLE: Green Skull Candles are used when the petitioner wishes to separate a person from their money

GREEN WAX CANDLE: Used for money spells, gambling luck, business, steady work, good crops

GRIS-GRIS FAIBLE CANDLE: Burn to destroy an enemy’s power to harm you

GUARDIAN ANGEL (Angel de la Guarda) CANDLE: Light to draw your Angel protector.


HAITIAN GAMBLER CANDLE: Burn to banish a streak of even the worst luck.

HAITI JUNGLE CANDLE: Burn to avert hexes and to cast spells on others you dislike intensely.

HEALING CANDLE: Burn to speed healing

HEALING MIRACLE(Milagrosa para Salud) CANDLE: To bring comfort, healing, help, and rest to those who are sick.

HELPING HAND (LA MANO PODEROSA)CANDLE: Brings magical protection and benediction

HERMES CANDLE: Aids in developing concentration and creativity. Always use when preparing to meditate.

HI-ALTAR CANDLE: Used only with other candles to bring success to any ritual. It is a very important offertory candle when seeking aid of the deity you are working with

HIGH CONQUERING CANDLE: A very powerful means of attracting wealth, prestige, love and health.

HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR CANDLE: Burn to attain goals and bring financial security.

HOLY CANDLE: A special candle used in Voodoo Rituals. Also can be used to feel closer to God.

HOLY TRINITY (Santisima Trinidad)CANDLE: Burn to encircle yourself with the power of the Holy Trinity

HORN OF PLENTY CANDLE: Burn to force a change of fortune. Overcomes poverty and brings much wealth and prestige to the practitioner.

HORSESHOE CANDLE: Said to be one of the most powerful candles for gaining money and good luck. Burned for thirty minutes each day until consumed

HOT FOOT CANDLE: Used when driving away enemies and moving them out.

HOUSE BLESSING CANDLE: To bless the home and the family; often used when moving to a new home.

HUMAN SKELETON CANDLE: For curing illnesses. Burned for one hour per day during daylight only.

I CAN, YOU CAN’T CANDLE: To keep your enemies from acheiving their goals against you

INDIAN SPIRIT GUIDE CANDLE: For veneration to Native American ancestors, burned for guidance and luck.

INFANT OF ATOCHA (Nino de Atocha)CANDLE: Helps those in prison, kidnapped, missing, or living under political terrorism.

INFANT OF PRAGUE (Nino Jesus de Prague)CANDLE: Light for those in surgery

INFLAMMATORY CONFUSION CANDLE: Increases confusion in cheating lovers and cause them to quarrel and fight

INTRANQUIL SPIRIT CANDLE: Used with a famous prayer to cause an ex-lover to suffer until he returns.

JERUSALEM CANDLE: Used to protect infants and small children

JESUS CHRIST THE KING CANDLE: Pray for mercy and restoration

JESUS MALVERDE CANDLE: Protection from enemies

JINX CANDLE: Said to help one person put a jinx on another.

JINX REMOVING CANDLE: Use this candle if you have been badly hexed

JOHN THE CONQUEROR CANDLE: Burn for anyone who has been badly hexed. Helps to eliminate all curses and evil spells.

JUPITER CANDLE: Burn for wealth, prosperity, help in legal matters and other Jupiterian influences

JUST JUDGE CANDLE: Burned in court cases and to ward off Evil

JUSTICE OF HORUS CANDLE: Use the power of Horus to sway those in authority to you.

JURY WINNING CANDLE: Burn to help win a court case.

KEEP AWAY ENEMIES CANDLE: Burn to keep your enemies away from you

KING DAVID CANDLE: Use for Power & Influence

KING SOLOMON CANDLE: Brings forth wisdom and intuitiveness. Makes the user more psychic than before.

KING’S PERFUME CANDLE: Used by men. Attracts love from those of the opposite sex. Expect great changes when using this candle.

KISS ME NOW! CANDLE: For quick and easy sexual contacts, pleasure, and joy.


LADY LUCK CANDLE: Burn before gambling. Will assist you in winning with regularity.

LADY OF CHARITY (Caridad del Cobre)CANDLE: Patroness of Cuba

LADY OF GRACE CANDLE: Her aid is sought by those in need, especially for healing miracles.

LADY OF GUADALUPE (N. S. de Guadalupe)CANDLE: Patroness of Mexico. Light her green candle for financial issues and white to receive special blessings.

LADY OF FATIMA CANDLE: Light this candle when saying the rosary for your petitions. Use O.L. of Fatima for peace in the home.

LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL (Nuestra Senora Del Carmen)CANDLE: Patroness of Mothers. Pray to her for family matters especially those dealing with children. Good for child support issues and against home violence.

LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP CANDLE: Draw comfort, confidence, and assistance

LAVENDER LOVE CANDLE: For love, passion, and happiness with a person of the same sex.

LAW KEEP AWAY CANDLE: Burned by those who wish to conduct their business in private.

LEO CANDLE: (JUL.24 – AUG.22) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

LEPRECHAUN’S GOLD CANDLE: To help attract good luck

LIBRA CANDLE: (SEPT. 22 – OCT.21) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

LODESTONE CANDLE: For drawing whatever is needed in money or love; used with lodestone spells.

LOOK ME OVER CANDLE: Used in glamour spells to attract attention, particularly from men.

LOTTERY CANDLE: More luck when playing the lottery.

LOVE #20 CANDLE: Contains special love formula from New Orleans.

LOVE & SUCCESS CANDLE: Assists in locating happiness in marriage and great success in all things attempted.

LUCK AROUND BUSINESS CANDLE: Brings an increase in business and helps draws new customers.

LUCK CANDLE: To bring positive changes in ones life

LUCKY DOG CANDLE: An aid to gamblers.

LUCKY HAND CANDLE: Most powerful of all luck-bringing candles.

LUCKY INDIAN SPIRIT(Indio Poderoso)CANDLE: Dressed with Indian Spirit Guide oil and burned for guidance and luck.

LUCKY JOHN THE CONQUEROR CANDLE: One of Voodoo’s most popular candles burned for good fortune in love, gambling, money affairs.

LUCKY 7 CANDLE: Protects against being hexed or crossed by an unknown enemy

LUCKY 9 CANDLE: Brings good vibrations and luck in life

LUCKY MOJO CANDLE: For all kinds of luck in gambling, business, love, and sports


MAGNET CANDLE: For drawing good fortune

MAKE YOUR WISH CANDLE: Place your wishes or desires on parchment under this candle.

MARRIAGE BLESSINGS CANDLE: To attract a proposal of marriage, to bless a new marriage

MARS CANDLE: Burn for physical power, lust, magickal energy, and all Martian influences

MARIA DOLOROSA DE MONTE CALVARIO CANDLE: Sorrowful Mary, her heart pierced by swords, surrounded by heart effigies.

MARTHA DOMINADORA CANDLE: Used to dominate men, situations, inner problems also used to aid you in defeating your enemies

MASTER CANDLE: A popular conjure candle used in all love matters. Also brings luck and power

in all other things.

MASTER KEY CANDLE: To master situations, master others, and master secrets of the occult.

MERCURY CANDLE: Burn to draw Mercurial influences

MINOIAN CANDLE: Use as a very holy candle and to keep a lover faithful

MIRACULOUS VIRGIN (Maria Milagrosa) CANDLE: To draw abundance and protection from the Blessed Mother.

MONEY CANDLE: Use before conducting ritual to bring money into the home.

MONEY DRAWING CANDLE: To attract money through gambling luck and in business matters.

MONEY RELEASE CANDLE: Get Money back that is owed to you by an individual, company or the Government.

MONEY HOUSE BLESSING CANDLE: Combines Money Drawing and House Blessing for a prosperous, happy home.

MONEY STAY WITH ME CANDLE: To keep money around you in personal and business matters.

MONTSEURRAT CANDLE: To help pregnancies and help have healthy babies

MUMMY CANDLE: For strong powers and success.

MYSTIC RITES CANDLE: Aids in understanding mysteries beyond human comprehension.

MYSTIC RITUAL CANDLE: Used for protection against psychic bombardment


NEPTUNE CANDLE: Burn to attract influences under this sign

NINE MYSTERIES CANDLE: Burn to gain secret knowledge or make someone speak the truth aloud.

NIRVANA CANDLE: A special Voodoo blend designed to heighten psychic, clairvoyant and meditation powers

NO HEX CANDLE: A mild hex breaker

ORANGE WAX CANDLE: Burn for change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams

OWL CANDLE: Believed to be one of the most powerful Voodoo candles for obtaining power over others.


PAY ME CANDLE: To settle old accounts and get money that is coming to you.

PEACE CANDLE: For a tranquil, peaceful life.

PEACE & PROTECTION CANDLE: To bring peace and protection to you.

PEACEFUL HOME CANDLE: For pleasant, peaceful family relationships in a happy home.

PENTATRUCK CANDLE: A New Orleans candle used for uncrossing and protection

PISCES CANDLE: (FEB. 19 – MAR.20) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

PINE WAX CANDLE: To gain good luck and affection

PINK MALE OR FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: Pink image candles are used in rituals when seeking objectives such as attracting friendships or drawing affection from one’s family.

PINK WAX CANDLE: Used for attraction, romance, clean living

PLUTO CANDLE: Burn to bring about influences under this sign

POWER CANDLE: For obtaining command over others.

PRAYING HANDS CANDLE: Burn candle to heal a person who is sick.

PROSPERITY CANDLE: To obtain much good fortune.

PROSPERITY BETTER BUSINESS CANDLE: Burned at home, business place, or shop for more customers and steady income.

PSYCHIC VISION DREAM CANDLE: To induce second sight, aid meditation, and bring in beneficial dreams

PROTECTION CANDLE: Use to protect against all kinds of attack.

PROTECTION & LOVE CANDLE: Use for protection concerning love affairs

PROTECTION FROM ENEMIES CANDLE: No foe dares advance where this is burned.

PURPLE WAX CANDLE: Burn for mastery, power, ambition, control, command


QUEEN CANDLE: Use only by women, another procurer of passion, attracts both love and success.

QUEEN OF TIBET CANDLE: Used by those who want the most out of life

QUITTING CANDLE: Induces others to stop trying to place hexes on you


RADIANT HEALTH CANDLE: For curing illness, gaining good health.

RECONCILIATION CANDLE: To reunite those who have parted; for forgiveness and harmony.

RED & BLACK (DOUBLE ACTION)CANDLE: remove a love-jinxing spell

RED CAT CANDLE: Used for love objectives by burning them when the loved one is present.

RED MALE OR FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: Red image candles are used in love rituals.

RED ROSE CANDLE: For gaining love.

RED SKULL CANDLE: Red Skull Candles are used in spells to cause love to die.

RED WAX CANDLE: Used for love spells,affection, passion, bodily vigour

RED WITCH CANDLE: To obtain love.

RETURN TO ME CANDLE: To bring back a lover who has walked out or left.

REVERSIBLE CANDLE: Sends back hexes and crossed conditions back to the enemy

REVELATION CANDLE: To gain spiritualistic and prophetic powers.

ROAD OPENER CANDLE: Burned when starting new projects to clear away enemy blockages and old messes.

ROMPE ZARAGUEY CANDLE: Use to cause relationships to break up

ROSE OF CRUCIFIXION CANDLE: A Rosicrucian candle for contemplation on the Mysteries of Jesus and Mary.

ROSEMARY CANDLE: For friendship ans stopping bad feelings.

ROSY CROSS CANDLE: Students should use this candle when studying to help them pass test.

RUE CANDLE: Burn this candle to protect yourself from hexes and curses as well as bring in money and prosperity.

RUN DEVIL RUN CANDLE: Send Satan and his minions packing

SACRED HEART OF JESUS (Sagrado Corazon) CANDLE: Bring a multitude of blessings

SAFE TRAVEL CANDLE: Burned by those at home for the safety of friends and family who are travelling.

SAGITTARIUS CANDLE: (NOV. 21 – DEC. 20) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

SAINT ALEX (Alejo)CANDLE: Pray for those imprisoned. Light his candle on Sunday and pray to him for protection.

SAINT ANNA CANDLE: Patron Saint of Cabinet Makers, Childless Women, Christian Mothers, Housewives, Miners, Mothers, and Women in Labor.

SAINT ANTHONY OF PADUA CANDLE: Saint of Miracles. Anthony is renown for returning lost articles and loved ones.

SAINT BARBARA CANDLE: Strengthens Faith and protects from Evil

SAINT CHRISTOPHER CANDLE: Patron of safe travel and Patron Saint of Havana Cuba

SAINT CLARA CANDLE: Used for clarity and understanding in any situation.

SAINT CYPRIAN CANDLE: St. Cyprian is the Patron of occultists and spiritual workers.

SAINT DYMPHNA CANDLE: Patroness of Mental Illness. Frequently used to overcome drug abuse and depression.

SAINT ELENA CANDLE: Saint Elena is known to return lost lovers to the petitioner.

SAINT ELIAS CANDLE: For release from imprisonment.

SAINT EXPEDITE CANDLE: St. Expedite brings luck in a hurry; light his candle on a Wednesday for quick results.

SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISSI CANDLE: He is the Patron Saint of Animals, Catholic Action, Ecology, Italy and Merchants.

SAINT ISIDORE CANDLE: Patron of Agriculture and Business. Good for job, money and better business work.

SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST CANDLE: For cleansing and purification.

SAINT JOSEPH WITH JESUS (San Jose) CANDLE: Use Saint Joseph for work and job issues or matters concerning the home including real estate transactions.

SAINT JUDE (San Judas Thadeo)CANDLE: Patron Saint of lost causes; Solve difficult problems.

SAINT LAZARUS CANDLE: Use Saint Lazarus for healing, infirmities and to open doors to new opportunity.

SAINT LUCY CANDLE: For insight, vision and to see things clearly. Pray to Saint Lucy when you are confused about a situation.

SAINT MARTHA CANDLE:Use Saint Martha when you want to command or compel a person. Also used for fierce protection.

SAINT MARTIN OF TOURS (San Martin Caballero)CANDLE: The Good Samaritan. Favorite saint of Gamblers. Said to bring luck and money.

SAINT MARTIN DE PORRES CANDLE: Patron of the Poor. Pray to St Martin for issues regarding health and when in desperate need of money.

SAINT MICHAEL (San Miguel) CANDLE: Slayer of demons. Michael the Archangel clears away hexes and conquers all dead or entities sorcerers may send your way. Fierce Protector.

SAINT MERCEDES CANDLE: Bring protection from the police and the law.

SAINT PETER CANDLE: Use for strength, mercy and forgiveness of sins

SAINT RAFAEL CANDLE: He is the Patron Saint of the Blind, Guardian Angels, Lovers, Nurses, Physicians, and Travelers.

SAINT RAMON CANDLE: Use for a peaceful home and love within the family

SAINT SANTIAGO CANDLE: Patron Saint of Soldiers, Pharmists and Spain.

SAINT TERESA CANDLE: She is the Patron Saint of Headaches and Spain.

SANTISIMA MUERTE CANDLE: Use as an offering or when doing magickal workings with La Santisima Muerte

SATAN CANDLE: Red –  to cause someone to burn with lust and are used in spells of sexual domination. Black – to drive unwanted associates away or cause harm to an enemy. Green – to have the power to compel a debtor to repay money that is owed; they are also burned by folks who wish to have easy money without much labour.

SATAN BE GONE CANDLE: Use for breaking and defeating hexes, curses and crossings.

SATURN CANDLE: Burn to break negative habits & to create an aura of mystery around you.

SAVILA CANDLE: Bring good luck for money or love.

SCORPIO CANDLE: Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

SECRET DESIRES OF MY HEART/MIND/BODY CANDLE: Three separate places to write the secret desires of your heart, mind, and body.

SEPARATION CONFUSION CANDLE: To create confusion and discord between two people and drive them apart.

SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS(Siete Potentias)CANDLE: Burn for magical protection and benedicion from the Orishas/Lwas of Santeria/Voodoo.

SEVEN HOLY SPIRIT CANDLE: To gain help from spirits and Voodoo Gods.

SEVEN KNOB CANDLE: To make wishes depending on the color come true.

SHUT UP (TAPA BOCA) CANDLE: Stop gossip and slander. Get folks to mind their own business.

SNAKE CANDLE: Burned for protection from all evil.

SPARK OF SUSPICION CANDLE: To arouse envy, jealousy and cause discord.

SPELL BREAKER CANDLE: Burn this in hex breaking rituals.

SPIRITUALISTS CANDLE: To obtain great power for rituals.

STAR AND CRESCENT CANDLE: Usually used only by Voodoo priest and priestesses during rituals.

STAY AT HOME CANDLE: Forces a lover or a mate to stop being unfaithful.

STAY WITH ME CANDLE: To encourage fidelity, loyalty, and a long-term relationship without separations.

STEADY WORK CANDLE: To find a job, get a job, and keep a job; to avoid being laid off.

STOP GOSSIP CANDLE: To shut the mouths of back-biters and gossips in the family or on the job.

SUCCESS CANDLE: Assists in defeating all competition and overcoming all obstacles in the way of success.

SUN CANDLE: For healing, vitality, strength, promotions and all Solar influences

SWALLOW’S BLOOD CANDLE: Brings happiness and soothes the nerves of those who must travel.

SWALLOW’S EYE CANDLE: Use to ward off evil & to stop people from giving you the evil eye


TAURUS CANDLE: (APR. 20 – MAY 20) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

TEN SLIVERS CANDLE: Burn in order to attract good fortune in times of despair.

THREE JACKS AND A KING CANDLE: Use for success in court and good luck in all things.

TWENTY THIRD PSALM CANDLE: For protection from evil and removal of fear when combating evil

TWISTING BOUQUET CANDLE: Reverses the effect of any crossing.

UNCROSSING CANDLE: Burn to remove crossed conditions


VAN VAN CANDLE: For luck and power of all kinds.

VENUS CANDLE: Burn to attract love & friendships, promote beauty, and for other Venusian influences

VESTA CANDLE: Draws the forces of good to your Voodoo services. Drives out evil spirits.

VIRGIN OF ALTA GRACIA CANDLE: Patron Saint of the Dominican Republic

VIRGIN OF MERCY CANDLE: Pray to her for those held hostage

VIRGO CANDLE: Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

VOODOO NIGHT CANDLE: For success in Voodoo Rituals


WEALTHY WAY CANDLE: To attract large amounts of money

WEED OF MISFORTUNE CANDLE: To overcome enemies, change luck, cause trouble and


WHITE & BLACK (Double Action) CANDLE: To return evil to the sender

WHITE HEX BREAKER CANDLE: For breaking hexes

WHITE MALE OR FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: White image candles are used in rituals pertaining to purity, spirituality or attainment of goals.

WHITE ROSE CANDLE: To have peace of mind, eliminate troubles.

WHITE SKULL CANDLE: White Skull Candles are used for healing. Burn the white skull candle in the bedroom of the one who is sick.

WHITE WAX CANDLE: Spiritual blessings, purity, healing, rest

WITCH CANDLE: These candles are in the shape of a witch and are used in accordance with their color.

WITCH BANE CANDLE: Use to reverse all manner of evil

WORMWOOD CANDLE: To gain help of spirits of the dead


XX DOUBLE CROSS CANDLE: For very strong hexing or crossing write enemy’s name on candle with sharp point.


YELLOW WAX CANDLE: Devotion, prayer, money (gold), cheerfulness, attraction

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