~ The Spiritual Uses Of Colognes and Perfumes ~

*The © information provided below is part of the many lessons taught to the members of Ye Olde Dark Arts Coven-Tradition and Students of our Correspondence Courses.*


Sometimes another form of ritual purification is needed in the form of floral-scented Colognes and Toilet Waters to rid an area of bad spirits, attract or pay homage to good spirits and to refresh those who are suffering from psychic distress.

There are many that are used in spellworks and rituals but the ones most used are Florida Water, Kananga Water, Kolonia 1800, 4711 Cologne, Hoyt’s Cologne, 7 Swords of St. Michael, Siete Machos Cologne, Rose Water Cologne, Orange Blossom Cologne.

The most popular and widely used of these is Florida Water which was first introduced in 1808 in the US.  It was named after the legendary “Fountain of Youth” which was said to be in Florida and it is reported to soothe fevers, cure headaches,ease aching muscles, remove negativity of a person and items and the strong magickal properties makes a must-have for practioners of Espiritismo, Hoodoo, Palo, Santeria and Vodou.

Some colognes are named for a specific purpose like One Drop of Luck Cologne, Money Drawing, Jockey Club, Indian Spirit, Go Away Evil, Court Case and Fast Luck Cologne. Full bottles may be placed on altars as offerings to the spirits, added to floor-washes, sprinkled around the room, used to wash amulets, lucky charms, ceremonial tools and splashed on the body. To use them for magical purposes they would need to be prayed over in order to consecrate them.

A small amount can be added to bath water in addition to crystal baths that have the same energies to give it an extra kick or used by itself. The full bottles can be placed on the altar as an offering to Saints, Orishas, Lwas, Nkisis and placed on your Boveda when incorporating them into the ritual and also a bit is mixed into a bowl with a bit of water and blueing that is used to cleanse practioners gathered at a spiritual mass that is common in Espiritismo.

Below is a list of colognes and their uses:

1800 KOLONIA NATURAL: Added to all baths

1800 KOLONIA GARDENIA: Added to love baths and sprinkled around room for same purpose

1800 KOLONIA LAVENDER: Added to baths used to promote passion, romance, harmony, friendship, and cooperation with a lover.

1800 KOLONIA ORANGE: Used for spiritual services and to attact love and money.

1800 KOLONIA ROSE: Added to baths used for love

1800 KOLONIA SANDALWOOD: Used in spiritual and cleansing work

1800 KOLONIA TOBACCO: Use with Black Candle Tobacco ritual before going to court

1800 KOLONIA VETIVERT: Used in love, protection, and money works

1800 KOLONIA VIOLET: Used in spells to heal a broken heart, bring back a lost love and to attract a new love to you.

7 SWORDS OF SAINT MICHAEL: Wear to receive the protection of Saint Michael.

7X7 ASTRAL COLOGNE: This cologne contains 49 different fragrances and is applied prior to sleep to aid in astral projection

AGUA MARAVILLA: Used prior to spiritual works and sprinkle around room to enhance mediumistic powers

ALCOLADO 7 POTENCIA: Use as an offering to the Seven African Powers

ALCOLADO KITAMAL: Used to remove jinxes and hexes

ALOCOLADO PATCHOULI: Use to attract money and love and to remove jinxes

ALCOLADO ST. MICHAEL: Use as an offering to St. Michael

ALCOLADO VENCEDOR: Use for success and winning in all things

ATLANTIC CITY COLOGNE: Wear prior to going gambling for better chances at winning.

CHANGO MACHO COLOGNE: Wear to gain protection from the Orisha Chango and can also be given as an offering to the Orisha.

COME TO ME COLOGNE: Wear to attract money, job, love, all the good things in life.

COURT CASE COLOGNE: Wear prior to going to court also can be given as an offering in spellwork regarding court cases.

DON DINERO COLOGNE: Wear to attract people of wealth to you.

FAST LUCK COLOGNE: Use to improve your luck.

FLORIDA WATER COLOGNE: Used for spiritual services, purification, and cleansing.

FOLLOW UP COLOGNE: Use once a week after initial cologne to refreshen

GO AWAY EVIL COLOGNE: Use this cologne to get rid of all evil.

HOYT’S COLOGNE: Famously reputed for bringing great luck in gambling and used to dress Mojo and Ouanga Bags.

INDIAN SPIRIT COLOGNE: Used by those who call upon Blackhawk or other Native ancestor spirits.

INDIAN TOBACCO COLOGNE: Wear to gain help from the Indian spirits.

JALA JALA DRAWING COLOGNE: Use to draw all good things to you.

JINX REMOVING ALCOHOL: Wear and sprinkle about to remove jinxes.

JOCKEY CLUB COLOGNE: Used for gambling luck and to remove jinxes

KANANGA WATER COLOGNE: used for spiritual services, purification and memorials to the dead.

KHUS KHUS COLOGNE: Used in love, protection, and money work

LA MADAMA COLOGNE: Apply and sprinkle about room prior to readings in enhance your psychic abilities.

MONEY DRAWING COLOGNE: Wear to draw money fast.

MONEY HOUSE BLESSINGS COLOGNE: Sprinkle around home or business to have and keep a steady cash flow.

OPEN ROAD COLOGNE: Wear this cologne to help open your path.

ORANGE BLOSSOM COLOGNE: Used for spiritual services and to attract luck in love and money.

PATCHOULI COLOGNE: Used for money and love attracting as well as jinx breaking.

REVERSIBLE COLOGNE: Wear to reverse jinxes or sprinkle around business to remove jinxes placed on your business.

ROSE COLOGNE: Wear to attract love.
SIETE MACHOS COLOGNE:  Aside from being the preferred scent of La Santisima Muerte it is also used for spiritual and emotional guidance, used to block, reverse and send back negative energy, evil eye, hexes and curses as well used to attract love, abundance, good luck, prosperity and strength.

SPIRITUAL HELP COLOGNE: Increase your spiritual strength.

STEADY WORK COLOGNE: Wear to keep current position at work or sprinkle around business to attract customers.

STRONG LOVE COLOGNE: Wear this cologne to attract a lover.

SUPERIOR 70 COLOGNE: Use when feeling down or depressed to lift your spirits up.

UNA GOTA DE SUERTE COLOGNE: Used to bring luck.

Florida Water, Kananga Water, Rose Water, Orange Blossom Water and Hoyt’s Colognes all originated in the 19th century or earlier as commercial formulas and can be generally purchased in spiritual supply stores, occult shops, Spanish Botanicas and wholesalers.

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