~ Before Working With La Santisima Muerte ~

So yesterday I decided to make a 7 minute video on things one should think about and consider before deciding to work with and dedicating oneself to La Santisima Muerte or any other practice for that matter but since I have been noticing things within the Santisima Muerte cult/movement that was the main focus of my video.

There are times where people get into things for the wrong reasons and as I state in the video I have seen where practices become a “Magickal Fashion Fad” of the moment until something else pops up which in turn makes those that are truly dedicated to a particular practice upset at having others join only to strip it of what doesn’t “resonate with them” and in the end find themselves trying to figure out why things are going so wrong with their lives in the first place.

I am sure that there will be those that agree with some of what I say while others will not and that’s fine we are all entitled to our opinions but I would think that the one thing that everyone can agree on is RESPECT for the practice and it’s practitioners irregardless of whether or not things within the practice don’t “resonate” with you.

Many practices have a foundation and in a sense a set of rules and a way of doing things FOR A REASON and it’s normally to protect the newest person coming in from finding themselves up shyt’s creek without a paddle right out of the gate because of impatientness with regards to willing to take the time to learn and the automatic assumption that one knows more than an elder who has been doing it longer than you.

So when you watch the video listen to the questions posed, think really hard and this can apply to any practice not just La Santisima Muerte, take the time to really research and ask questions from the elders of the practice so you can get a better understanding of what is legit and what is bullshyt.

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