~ The Famous " Agua del Calzon" Spell ~

There is a very old and famous Latin American spell known as “Agua del Calzon” which when translated literally means “Panties Water” but it’s also known as “Trousers Tea” and has been known for being a very effective dominating love work that can used on any partner irregardless of sexual preference.
There is also NO KNOWN WAY OF REVERSING THIS (at least to my knowledge or that I have been told by various practitioners who have employed this type of working over the years) so please do think EXTREMELY long and hard BEFORE you even consider doing this because if you find yourself with a nasty surprise later on down the road with your intended target YOU ARE SCREWED SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
NOW there has been a lot of controversy as to the preparation of this because as there are those who believe that a used and dirty garment is required for it to really work, while there are others that say this unhygienic act can become dangerous and incorrect because of that fact that once this is prepared the water is used to make things like Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, smoothies anything that the target likes to drink in which some of this water is used to prepare said drink and served to the target. 
There is also numerous versions of how to prepare this but for now I am going to give you at least two ways of preparing this water but the ingredients remain the same for the most part:
  • 3 liters of pure and clean water to drink.
  • container to heat the water.
  • ¼ honey or brown sugar.
  • 1 TSP of Cinnamon
  • Two used pants, one yours and one of your beloved; keep in mind that they must be completely clean. (version 1)
  • Your underwear that has been dirty for three days (version 2)
  • photo of your beloved full body ; it must be recent. (version 1)
Preparation Version 1
  1. Boil water for 5 minutes in the pot then set at a low heat.
  2. After those 5 minutes, place the underwear in the boiling water. Then turn off the heat, let it cool and pour the water in a huge glass along with the underwear.
  3. Write your name and that of your loved one on the back of the photograph in red ink and put it under the glass. Then repeat the following three times (you must do it at 12 o’clock midnight to be more effective): “That with this trouser tea, you (person’s name) will be under my voice, if you sleep you dream of me, if you wake up you think in me, and this spell that I do on you will be to dominate you forever in the name of the love that I have for you, I ask the beings of light to be happy together for life ”.
  4. After 24 hours you should remove the underwear and sweeten the drink with honey, sugar or any other type of flavoring or flavored water, and give it to your intended target.
  5. Finally, put the clothes and the photograph in a black bag and bury them as deep as you can.
Preparation Version 2
  1. In a Large deep pot place the underwear of the target.
  2. Pour the water and add the cinnamon into the pot and then proceed to “wash the underwear” a la old school then allow it to remain in the water overnight.
  3. After 24 hours you should remove the underwear and sweeten the drink with honey, sugar or any other type of flavored water, and give it to your intended target.
If you choose to go with the second method please keep in mind that there are laws with regards to ‘KNOWINGLY AND WILLINGLY INFECTING A PERSON WITH AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE” in which you can be persecuted for if you get caught should you decide to do this as a form of revenge on a cheating mate so keep that in mind.
And to close out this post I will leave with this video of a man who is recording a woman who is preparing this famous spell. It is in Spanish so while you may not understand what he is saying you might more or less get the jest of it. I am pretty sure after reading this yous guys will be googling and YouTubing this but maybe I will be nice and make a video about it to go with this post.  Agua del Calzon
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