~ Santisima Muerte Cigar Love Spell ~

For this spell you are going to need a cigar, cigarello or a cigarette, a picture of your target, matches or lighter, honey or sugar. You will perform this ritual on a Friday during the hour of Venus.
You will first begin by using The Opening Prayers which is performed to open a session with her and to get her attention:
Before the Divine Presence of  La Santisima Muerte.
I humbly ask you to break and destroy all witchcraft and darkness that presents itself in my life, my home, my job and my path.
Santisima Muerte, please remove all envy, poverty, lack of love and unemployment and I ask that you please grant me (mention your petition)
With your Holy presence, illuminate my home, my work and those of my loved ones, giving us love, prosperity, health and well being, blessed by your charity.
Immaculate Being of Light, I ask you to grant me all the favors I ask of you until the last day, hour and moment when you come to take me. Santisima Muerte, beloved of my heart, do not remove me from your protection
Next you will take the cigar, cigarello or cigarette and say the following prayer three times as it represents the trinity:
Cigar, little cigar I conjure you in the name of La Santisima Muerte. The sign that I ask you to give me, the ash must fall if he is anxious to talk to me, his mouth will be open and he will be tame, humbled and defeated at my feet.
Soul of the four winds, you who walk through the world, I want you to bring me (N), by the seven spirits and the seven souls you make him change his love to me, with the great power of la Muerte.
You who travel the world in streets, mountains and colonies, if you find the soul of (N), do not let him go until he comes surrendered to my feet, if he is sitting, do not give him calm, put thoughts of me in his mind, if he sleeps, let him not sleep peacefully, let him hear a child cry.
When the prayer has been done, the cigar will be lit with three matches. There are three because they represent the trinity.
It is smoked as follows:
It is smoked but the smoke is brought to the mouth only, (without taking the smoke into the lungs) you mediate upon the person imagining what you want that person to do for you and then release the smoke towards the sky and see how the smoke goes in the air and imagine that the smoke is your energy and that it will reach him or her and then snap your fingers at the person to command them and say “just as the dog obeys its master, so you will obey me ”.
Immediately you will with great confidence stomp your right foot 3 times affirming that that person will look for you. If you stomp with the right foot, it is to attract, if you stomp with the left foot, it is to move away.
Don’t swallow the smoke because you don’t have to inhale the smoke .. Just put it in your mouth.
You will only smoke the cigar HALF WAY. What is left put it in an ashtray and add honey, sugar then light them with three matches. The cigar serves to attract, despair, drive a person crazy, heal and even to harm … That depends on each Spell with which the work is done on the chosen person … Be very careful in this recipe not to consume more half of the pure, because if so “you will also fall into the effects of your own Spell (be very careful about that)
You can also blow the smoke on the person’s photo, on the person’s clothes … The important thing is to concentrate well on making the mental images on your mind so that your spell works.
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