~Santisima Muerte Black Magic Brujeria Breaker ~

*I wish to thank my fellow sister and devotee of the Santisima Muerte Community A.M. for allowing me to share this interesting ritual with you.*

This ritual is used when you suspect that your health is declining due to brujeria (witchcraft) that has been done against you. It is important to point out that there is NEVER any possible way of accurately knowing if anyone, even your worst enemy, has placed a hex or a spell against you. It is always advisable that you visit a Doctor first before attempting to break any witchcraft hexes or spells against you. Usually, a person would know if they have been crossed or hexed as you would experience issues like unexplained illnesses and pains in unusual parts of the body, stomach and digestive ailments, constant mental anguish, unexplained insomnia and unexplained bouts of bad luck.

Black magic can sometimes be difficult to remove and can be costly. Breaking a hex or a spell isn’t as easy as lighting a candle or having a limpia, and voila you’re healed. Its not that easy! Witches and Magic Practitioners use energy and spirits in witchcraft with the intent to ‘break’ the intended in every sense of the word. Breaking black magic takes a lot of time, energy and money (for ingredients). It will take several rituals to break a hex or a spell. The Ritual below is proven to break any witchcraft against you. Remember, Magic is all about INTENT and Faith.

You will need the following for this ritual:

  • A Black statue of La Santisima (blessed and welcomed into your home and your altar)
  • 1 sacred seal of La Santisima Muerte (The Holy Death) against spells
  • 1 white and black candle of La Santisima Muerte (Double Action Candle)
  • 1 Ajo Macho (Whole Garlic Bulb)
  • 1 Cigar
  • 1 bouquet of basil (albahaca)
  • 1 bouquet of rue (ruda)
  • 1 Red Apple

Working the Ritual:
It is important that this work is done on a Tuesday or Friday afternoon, at your altar or In front of the statue of La Santa Muerte. She will be guiding this process and ultimately La Santisima Muerte will be working on your behalf to break and remove any brujeria.

To start, You will light your candle and “clean” yourself with the candle (like you’re doing a limpia de huevo). You will do the same with the Cigar (do not light it, just rub the cigar against your body as to catch your essence. “Clean” yourself with the apple, the bouquets of basil and rue, and finally the Ajo Macho (garlic head). Cleanse yourself with each ingredient one by one. You must be sure to “clean” your entire body from head to toe with each item.Next, you will light the Candle and say a prayer to La Santa Muerte, imploring her to remove all witchcraft, hexes or spells from your body. This MUST be done with absolute faith and devotion.Take the Sacred Seal of La Santa Muerte and write your wish on the seal.

Place the Ajo Macho, Basil and Ruda bouquets, Red Apple at the foot of La Santisima Muerte along with the Sacred Seal that you wrote your petition on.Light the Cigar and smother the image with the smoke of the Cigar. About 7-9 puffs of smoke should be sufficient. DO NOT turn it off after you are one puffing smoke – Leave the cigar near your Blessed Death until it goes out on its own.

This ritual is very strong and powerful. It will need to be repeated as many as 3 times for results. Do Not be amazed or scared if the glass vase of the Candle breaks or shatters, or if the candle turns off for no apparent reason. If this happens to you, start the whole ritual again. It is believed that shattered glass candles is a sign that Santa Muerte is working hard on your behalf to break witchcraft with her scythe.

On the third day after the ritual, collect the Basil and Ruda bouquets, Red Apple and Ajo Macho from your altar and leave them at the base of a leafy tree.

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