~ Invocation of La Santisima Muerte ~

Offer 1 white candle on a Tuesday, 1 white flower, cigarettes, and vodka at La Santisima Muerte Altar and say the following prayer…..

Almighty, Holy and Powerful Mother, Blessed Santisima Muerte, I come before thee and at this moment I beg for your presence and intervention.

And I ask thee, that through the your great power that you hear my prayers and I ask thee to grant me the favor, that I now place at thy altar..[say your favor ]

Powerful Mother, I ask of you to grant me all of the favors I ask from thee, until the last day, hour, and moment when you shall come for me to take me to the Summerland. Santisima Muerte, beloved of my heart, do not abandon me or forsaken me without your protection. (Sign of the cross)

Powerful Santisima Muerte, I ask thee to remove all of the barriers, obstacles and open every door and road that is closed to me, Powerful Mother look down upon me with mercy and help me overcome all of life and loves difficulties and so that for me nothing is impossible, with your sole protection. No envy, gossip, lies or enemies can hurt me,and no one does me harm, that everyone is my friend and that I am victorious in all of my dealings and the things I do.

Powerful Santisima Muerte, I ask thee to free me from all sickness and heal me of any sickness in my body and that instead you give me LUCK, HEALTH, WORK, LOVE, HAPPINESS, MONEY, ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY! Powerful Santa Muerte, with every fiber in my heart, spirit and soul, I thank thee for all of your kindness, protection and hope you have given to me, my home, work and my family, I ask this of thee, SO MOTE IT BE!

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