~ Things Are Not As They Appear ~

So the image in this post is the Saint Lazarus that my father always had with him for most of his life and as it turned out….it’s a cursed object. I know many of you are thinking “How can that be? It’s a statue of a saint!” And the real kicker is that is was his own mother that had the item cursed so that my parents would always have troubles (especially in the financial department) and would cause the marriage to fall apart and the whole nine yards.

Well my parents never got a divorce and stuck with each other for 46 years until his passing in March of this year and while there were sprinklings of financial tightness here and there we still had clothes on our backs, food in our stomachs, a roof over our heads, a car to go on family trips and to work.

When he passed my mother who was born with gifts too a good hard look at this image and saw the swirling black mass that was contained within the image and so it was set in the burn barrel and up in flames it went and now we will cleanse and purify the house with blood and holy blessed ashes to seal it up so that nothing else can ever enter the home again.

SO PLEASE be leary of items that are gifted to you because you never know the true intentions behind the gifting, irregardless of the image, item or individual that offers it up. His statue was used because it was something he had a strong belief in even though my Dad had family members that practiced Santeria and Palo Mayombe and he himself was into the occult but having been raised Catholic he still held a place in his heart for Saint Lazarus.

This also serves as a lesson that not everyone EVEN YOUR OWN FAMILY wants what is best for you so if you are ever offered a statue or anything and you get a weird vibe about it trust your gut and best chuck it out of sight of the giver.

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