~ The Santisima Muerte Lammas 9 Day Community Ritual Service ~

SM Lammas Ritual
I will be doing a 9 day community ritual service with La Santisima Muerte beginning Sunday August 1st through Monday August 9th.  Now for those of you not familiar with the Christian/Pagan Holiday of Lammas then here is what it is:  Lammas, Lughnasdh or Loaf Mass Day is the first of the three harvest festivals for those that celebrate the seasons that correspond with the pagan Wheel of the Year.
While Lammas/Loaf Mass Day is a Christian Holiday that is celebrated in many English speaking countries that coincides with the feast of St. Peter in Chains the pagan holiday Lughnasdh being a Gaelic festival which is widely celebrated in Ireland, The Isle of Man and Scotland literally means “Lugh Assembly.”
Each day I will be lighting a candle that corresponds with the day of the week and it’s planetary influence in combination with a daily rosary and it will go as follows:
SUNDAY: As this day is associated with the Sun and Fathers and authority figures so the invocation of this day will go out to the Fathers, Grandfathers, Stepfathers and Male Mentors that have helped us along the way as well as focusing on Male Health, Personal Achievements and Promotions, Wealth, Success, Fame and since it is also a festival day it is a perfect time to bake homemade breads from scratch and offer it to La Santisima Muerte and ancestors along with blueberries and other fall fruits as a “THANK YOU” for helping you throughout the year.
MONDAY: This day is associated with the Moon so this day we will be invoking for Female Health, Fertility, Home and Family, Mothers, Pregnant Women and Personal Growth, Increasing Psychic Powers.
TUESDAY: This day is associated with Mars and raw male energy so this day we will be invoking for to deal with issues of violence, competition, conflict, endurance, and survival.
WEDNESDAY: This day is associated with Mercury so on this day we will be invoking to work on all forms of communications, aide with divination, thought, seeking wisdom, self-expression.
THURSDAY: This day is associated with Jupiter so on this day we will be invoking for aide regarding growth, expansion, prosperity, business, abundance, and success.
FRIDAY: This day is associated with Venus so on this day we will be invoking for aide on romance, passion, love, self-love, fertility, and friendship.
SATURDAY: This day is associated with Saturn so on this day we will be invoking for cleansing of negativity, concerning the elderly, end-of-life issues, death, binding spells, banishing spells.
The following Sunday we will be sending prayers to our ancestors who always guide and protect us always as well as any other issues you are facing that is not listed above and on Monday the 9th we will give praise and thanks to La Santisima Muerte for listening to us during this week and each and every day of our lives and the  are dedicated to her.
If you are in need of prayer because you feel lost, hopeless, ill or for any other reason and you would like me to include your name and a small petition in the 9 day ritual please send me a PM over on my The Witch’s Lair Occult FB page so I can include your name during the invocations to Madresita Santisima Muerte.  The $13 fee goes towards the purchase of candles, roses, and offerings in your name.
I will be posting updates of the 9 day ritual for those that would like to follow along on the The Witch’s Lair Occult FB Page and on my Instagram Account.
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