Aceites Ocultos – Occult Oils

The Witch’s Lair Occult Brand Occult Oils are truly special and unique. Each of my oils are hand mixed using only 100% pure essential oils, herbs & roots and then blessed . PLEASE NOTE:  I create an oil when ordered, I do not carry massed produced items so please allow 5-10 days for delivery IN CASE I have to order a specialty herb for your oil.  They come in 2 oz. amber bottles and sell for $9.00

AB RA OIL: Use in love rituals

ABRA MELIN OIL: Use during intitation rites of a neophyte
ABTINA OIL: Use for power, success and to break bad habits
ADAM & EVE OIL: To draw love, increase sexual passion, keep a couple close
ADONIS OIL: Used for male to male attraction
AESCULAPIUS OIL: Use this very powerful blend for healing
AFRICAN JU JU OIL: Use to attract love and gambling luck
AGARBATTI OIL: Use before gambling to overcome adversity
AIR OIL: To invoke, evoke, manipulate Air Element & Elementals
AJO MACHO OIL: Protection against enemies who work against your money or business
ALGIERS OIL: A fast type luck oil from the Algiers district of New Orleans
ALLEN KARDEC OIL: Brings good luck, prosperity and aide in spiritual development
ALL NIGHT LONG OIL: To inflame and prolong passion with another person
ALL PURPOSE OIL: Excellent in case of unexpected and surprise rites
ALL SAINTS OIL: An appeal to entire canopy of Saints in Heaven
ALLSPICE OIL: Use to increase will power, attract money and luck
ALTAR OIL: Anoint altar, candles & tools so Holy Spirits will find the room fitting
ALUM OIL: Use to cleanse yourself and your home of all evil
AMBER OIL: Use in rituals for courage, success, stregnth, long life, love and healing
AMBERGRIS OIL: Use in love rituals
AMETHYST GEMSTONE OIL: Use to cleanse your crown chakra, spirituality, love, healing, psychic awareness and to charge amethysts
AMOR OIL: Use in rituals and spells to attract love
ANCIENT ANCESTORS OIL: Use to honor those who have passed on
ANCIENT SHRINE OIL Use in rituals for initiations and divination
ANCIENT WISDOM OIL: Gives intuitive wisdom to the wearer
ANGEL INCENSE: Used to attract angels in Conjuration Rites
ANIMA SOLA OIL: Used to help the spirit cross over when someone dies and for those in purgetory
ANISE OIL: Use in psychic and spiritual works
ANOINTING OIL: Generally utilized to bless candles, altars, tools and participants before and during a ceremony
APPARITION OIL: Use in rituals to make apparitions appear
APHRODISIA OIL: Use in rituals when looking for passion and wild sex
AQUARIOUS OIL: (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Used to increase personal powers of those under this sign
ARAB-KA OIL: Draws customers to business to make them spend money
ARABIAN BOUQUET OIL: A special blend designed to protect against hexes
ARABIAN NIGHTS OIL: Used to attract friends and lovers to you
ARABKA SOUDAGAR OIL: Draws customers to a palce of business and for financial gain
ARCANA OIL: Enchace psychic abilities and protects both reader and client from malicious spirits
ARCHANGEL METATRON: Archangel of the Veil, Scribe of God.  Can be used in rituals that pertain to aide with writer’s block, seeking inspiration
ARIES OIL: (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19) Used to increase personal powers of those under this sign
ARRASA CON TODO OIL: Use to remove all evil and jinxes you may have
AS YOU PLEASE OIL: Makes others desire to please you at all costs
ASCLEPIUS OIL: Use in rituals of healing
ASTRAL TRAVEL OIL: Said to aide in gaining entry into astral realm
ATTRACTION OIL: To draw love, money, friends, or anything you desire and request
ATTUNEMENT TO SPIRIT WORLD OIL: For works involving the spirit world
AUNT ANNA’S WISHBONE OIL: Makes your dreams and wishes comes true
AUNT SALLY’S DREAM OIL: To help you dream the Lotto numbers and for betting
AUNT SALLY’S LUCKY DREAM OIL: To encourage the rememberance of lucky number dreams for betting
AURA OF ENCHANTMENT OIL Use to charge, clear and intensify aura
AVALON OIL: Used to draw on the power of ancient spirits
AVENTURINE GEMSTONE OIL: Use for money, good luck, mental powers, success at games of chance and to charge aventurines

BABYLONIAN RITUAL OIL: Burn during Babylonian & Sumerian magickal rituals

BALM OF GILEAD HEALING OIL: Use in rituals to aide and promote healing
BALSAM INTRANQUILO OIL: Used to cause stress, anxiety and confusion in your enemy
BALSAM TRANQUILO OIL: Used to calm an angry and aggressive person or situation
BANKRUPT OIL: Said to force an enemy to go broke
BANISHING OIL: To be rid of unwanted people or spirits
BAPHOMET OIL: Use in rituals when invoking this ancient deity
BAT’S BLOOD OIL: Use to cast evil spirits and to place a hex on someone you wish to get even with
BAT’S EYE OIL: Use to break a love affair and to hex any unfaithful mate or lover
BAT’S HEART OIL: Will cause tension & bad luck to any lover that has done you wrong
BAY OIL: Use to strengthen mind, sharpen psychic powers, healing, purification and protection
BEND OVER OIL: Makes other people do your bidding
BENEFICIAL DREAM OIL: Burn to make all dreams come true, especially those helpful to the dreamer
BENZION OIL: Use for purification, prosperity and increasing mental powers
BERGAMONT MINT BOUQUET OIL: Use for money, commanding and controling rituals
BETTER BUSINESS OIL: Stop blockages to business and draws customers
BEWITCHING OIL: Adds mystery, fascination and sexual allures to love spells
BIBLE OIL: For ritual success and to better understand the Bible
BINDING OIL: To stop enemies from taking action against you
BINGO OIL: Increase your chances of winning the big jackpot
BIRCH OIL: Use for exorcism, protection and purification
BLACK ARTS OIL: A special crossing oil used only for placing hexes on enimies and hated competitors
BLACK CANDLE TOBACCO OIL: Use to win court cases and overcome legal entanglements
BLACK CAT OIL: For gaining good luck with lotteries, dice, card games, races, and all forms of gambling
BLACK DEVIL OIL: Said to make one impotent so that they stop playing around
BLACK HEXING OIL: For placing a powerful hex on someone
BLACK PROTECTION OIL: Used for extreme protection spells and magick
BLESSING OIL: Use to bless a baby, new ventures and for healing
BLOCKBUSTER OIL: Break spells and solve difficult problems
BLOODSTONE GEMSTONE OIL: Use to cleanse heart chakra, love, healing, courage, strength and to charge bloodstones
BLUE SONATA OIL: Use in love rituals
BON VOYAGE OIL: To drive away those who are troublesome to you
BOSS FIX OIL: Causes your boss to look favorably on your work to get raise, promotion
BREAK-UP OIL: Use in rituals to drive couples apart
BUCKEYE OIL: A special blend used to chase away all evil spirits
BUSINESS OIL: Use to attract customers
BUSINESS SUCCESS OIL: Anoint the hands, cash register, business cards, or the front door of the place of businesss to increase cash flow

CALIPH’S BELOVED OIL: A special oil developed to incite sexual feelings and attract lovers

CAMPHOR OIL: Use for purification, cleansing and health rituals
CANCER OIL: (June 21 – Jul 23) Used to increase personal powers of those under this sign
CANDLE DRESSING OIL: To increase the power of the candle used in spell works
CAPRICORN OIL: (Dec. 21 – Jan. 19) Used to increase personal powers of those under this sign
CARDAMOM OIL: Use in marriage, love and sexualy orientated rituals
CARNELIAN GEMSTONE OIL: Use to cleanse your sexual chakra, sexual energy, creativity, eloquence, protection and to charge carnelians
CAST OFF EVIL OIL: To rid yourself or those you love of bad habits and to break links to bad companions
CAT’S BLOOD OIL: Used to break jinxes and hexes that have been placed upon you
CAT’S EYE OIL: A very potent blend used to protect yourself against envious people
CAT’S HEART OIL: A very potent spell or hex breaker, used in uncrossing rituals
CAVERN TREASURES OIL: Use in spellworks regarding prosperity
CEDAR OIL: Use in male energy, health and to enchance spirituality
CEREMONIAL MAGICK OIL: Used in general magickal workings to raise power & to purify the area
CHAKRA OIL: Use when balancing & cleansing your Chakras, single chakra incenses are also avalible
CHALICE WELL OIL: Use to purify tools, ritual space and for protection during rituals
CHAMOMILE OIL: Use in meditation, peace, gambling and uncrossing rituals
CHANGE OF LIFE OIL: Use in rituals to better improve your current situation for the better
CHUPARROSA (HUMMINGBIRD) OIL: Used to attract an honest love relationship
CHYPRE OIL: Rub on hands before gambling for luck
CINNAMON OIL: Use in money ans psychic awareness rituals
CIRCLE OIL: Use for general workings in the circle, the ritual working space of Wiccans & Magicians & as a general ritual incense
CIRCLE OF FLAME OIL: Use to anoint red or pink figure candles when performing love rituals
CIRCLE OF PROTECTION OIL: Use in rituals designed to protect a person, home, or place of business from evil influences
CITRINE GEMSTONE OIL: Use to cleanse your solar plexus chakra, balance, psychic awareness, healing and to charge citrines
CITRONELLA OIL: Use in cleansing and luck rituals
CLARY SAGE OIL: Use in love and meditation rituals
CLEARING OIL: Burn this incense to clear your home of negative vibrations
CLEAR QUARTZ GEMSTONE OIL: Use to cleanse your brow chakra, inspiration, visualization, spirituality, power and to charge clear quartz
CLEO MAY OIL: Used by woman to attract quick love and compels a man to fall in love with you
CLEOPATRA OIL: Use to solve problems between couples
CLOSE YOUR PATH OIL: Use only to cast a hex on your most hated rivals. Use to close the paths of your enemies
CLOVE BUD OIL: Use in money and love rituals
COME AND SEE ME OIL: Use in love rituals to attract the ideal mate
COME TO ME OIL: To draw the man or woman desire closer to you in love, sex, and passion
COME TO ME SOUL MATE OIL: Use in rituals designed to attract your soulmate
COMMANDING OIL: To have the power to bring others under your command
COMPELLING OIL: To compel another to make good on a promise
CONCENTRATION OIL: Anoint forehead with small amount to aid in solving a problem
CONFUSION OIL: Confuses those who are trying to cast a spell on you
CONSECRATION OIL: Use to consecrate magickal tools
CONQUERING GLORY OIL: To gain power over anyone and to overcome obsticles
CONTROLLING OIL: Used on a particular person to gain control over them
COURT OIL: Use to aide in court cases
COURAGE OIL: Anoint yourself with this blend when you lack courage
CRONE OIL: Use in rituals when invoking the crone aspect of the triple goddess
CROSS OF CARAVACA OIL: Use to guard against misfortune, injury, and harm
CROSSING OIL: Used to cross your enemies
CROWN OF SUCCESS OIL: Helps push aside those who hinder your rise upward to success
CRUIBULE OF COURAGE OIL: Gives great amounts of courage to those who are fearful or timid
CUPID OIL: Use in rituals when invoking the Roman God of love
CURSE-BREAKER OIL: Use in rituals to remove hexes placed upon you
CRYSTAL GROVE OIL: Use to anoint tools used in faery rituals
CRYSTAL TEMPLE OIL: Use in rituals designed for spiritual growth
CRYSTAL WOODLAND OIL: Aides in developing animal communication
CYPRESS OIL: Use in blessing, consecration and protection rituals

DAMNATION OIL: Utilized when cursing a wrong-doer to suffer in Hell for his or her crimes

DANCING DRAGON OIL: Use for attracting astral dragons to your cirlce
DARK HUNTRESS OIL: Use in binding rituals
DARK MOTHER OIL: Use in rituals when invoking the Goddess in her crone form
DARK WING OIL: Use to attract and work with dark dragons of chaos and destruction
DARK OF THE MOON OIL: Use in rituals perfomed on the dark moon to attack enemies and banish negativity
DELIGHT OIL: Use when trying to attract someone of the same sex
DESERT OF NIGHT OIL: Use in love rituals
DESIRE ME OIL: Use to attract lovers
DESTIERRO OIL: To banish your enemies and those who bother you
DESTRUCTION OIL: Use to bring about the destruction your enemies or bad situations
DEVIL’S OIL: Causes strife and bodily harm to your enemies
DEVIL’S MASTER OIL: Gain power over those of the opposite sex you strongly desire
DEVIL’S SNUFF OIL: Use to bind your enemies & stop others from meddling in your affairs
DEVIL’S TRAP OIL: To prevent evil from entering the premises
DIVINE SAVIOR OIL: Burn while praying for numerous blessings
DIVINATION OIL: Smoulder during or directly before using Tarot cards, Runes, etc.
DIXIE LOVE PERFUME OIL: A powerful attraction incense which induces those of the opposite sex to readily give in to your every whim
DO AS I SAY OIL: Used to effect the actions of others to do what you want them to do
DO AS I WISH OIL: Used to allow you to do the things you want without interference
DR.GERGORIO HERNANDEZ OIL: Patron of medical students is known for healing miracles
DOMINATION OIL: Allows the user to gain complete control over other people
DOUBLE JUSTICE OIL: Use in court rituals to win
DOUBLE HEX OIL: Use to return a broken hex to the sender
DOVE’S BLOOD OIL: For love, and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise
DOVE’S EYE OIL: Sprinkle about the home to remove evil intention
DOVE’S HEART OIL: Will calm restless souls and solve all problems of the heart
DRAGON’S BLOOD OIL: Use to defeats curses, hexes and crossed conditions as well as cause them
DRAGON’S BREATH OIL: Use for attracting and working astral dragons of Fire
DRAGON’S FLIGHT OIL: Use for attracting and working astral dragons of Air
DRAGON’S HOARD OIL: Use to help you find opportunity and resources
DRAGON’S LAIR OIL: Use for attracting and working astral dragons of Earth
DRAGON’S LIGHT OIL: Use for attracting and working with light dragons for positive magic
DRAGON’S MYST OIL: Use for attracting ans working with astral dragons of Water
DRAGON’S SHADOW OIL: Use to attract and work with dark dragons for negative magic
DRAGON’S SHIELD OIL: Use for protection against physical, mental or emotional attacks
DRAGON MYST OIL: Use in rituals when working within the dragon realm
DRAW ACROSS OIL: Used to draw things to you such as money, luck and people
DRAW BACK OIL: Makes a lover return to you
DRAWING DOWN THE MOON OIL: Use in rituals to draw down the divinity of the moon
DRAWING DOWN THE SUN OIL: Use in rituals to draw down the divinity of the sun
DREAM OIL: Use to bring about prophetic dreams or astral projection
DRIVE AWAY OIL: To be rid of bad luck and enemies
DRUID CURSE OIL: Use in binding and damnation rituals
D.U.M.E. OIL: Even the score with those that do you harm

EARTH OIL (ELEMENTAL): To invoke, evoke, manipulate Earth Element & Elementals

EARTH OIL (PLANETARY): Use to attune with the powers of Earth
EASY LIFE OIL: Allows you to relax while others do your work
EASY TIMES OIL: Use for financial security and improve personal conditions
EASY WRATH OIL: Soothe anger in relationships or calm family members
EGYPTIAN OIL: Use during Egyptian rituals to purify, banish and make sacred the area
EGYPTIAN LOVE OIL: To draw love, reunite parted lovers or invoke ancient Egyptian deities
EGYPTAIN ORACLE OIL: Use to anoint tools prior to divination for psychic abilities
EIGHTFOLD HEARTH OIL: Use in rituals for a safe, warm, loving home
ELEVENTH DEGREE OIL: Use during magickal rituals to help gain insight
ELF FIRE OIL: Use in rituals to attract elves to your circle
ENCHANTRESS OIL: Use in love rituals to enchant a mate
ENOCHIAN OIL: Use in Enochian rituals for spiritual visions
ENVY & JEALOUSLY OIL: Eases feelings of jealousy when placed on the door of anyone you wish to gain confidence with
ESBAT OIL: Use during rituals performed on the Full Moon other than a Sabbat
EUCALYPTUS OIL: Use in cleansing, protection, purification and to drive away pestiferous people
EVE OIL: Use as a powerful aphrodisiac to stimulates men
EVIL EYE OIL: Use to protect you and your loved ones from the evil eye
EXCALIBUR OIL: Use in rituals for protection
EXODUS OIL: Get people to depart from your area and also dispels evil spirits
EXORCISM OIL: Powerful formula for troublesome spirits, obsession and possession of houses or people

FAEIRE OIL: Use when contacting faeries connect to the water element such as Undines, Naiads, Sirens Ect.

FAEIRE CIRCLE OIL: Use in magic involving Faeires
FAEIRE DANCE OIL: Use to attract faeires so they will join your circle
FAEIRE ENCHANTMENT OIL: Use to work with faeire fire elementals
FAEIRE FLOWER OIL: Use to enhance beauty and any artistic skills
FAEIRE FIRE OIL: Use to call faeries connected to the fire element to your circle
FAEIRE MAGIC OIL: Use to increase chances of faeire encounters
FAEIRE RING OIL: Use to aide your chances in finding a faery ring
FAEIRE SIGHT OIL: Use to increase your chances of seeing faeries
FAEIRE SPIRIT OIL: Use in rituals when invoking faeries
FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY OIL: Guard against misfortune, injury, and harm. Also used when invoking the three sisters.
FAST LUCK OIL: Use in rituals for all manner of competitive things and to enhance your luck
FAST MONEY OIL: To bring money to you quickly
FEAR NOT WALK OVER EVIL OIL: Protection against messes that have been laid down for you
FENNEL OIL: Use for protection, to keep the law away, to stregnthen a woman’s courage and to prevent curses
FIERY COMMAND OIL: Forces all other people to do your every bidding without a second thought
FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION OIL: Restrains anyone from placing an evil hex on you
FIRE OIL (ELEMENTAL): To invoke, evoke, manipulate Fire Element & Elementals
FIRE OF AZRAEL OIL: Use in rituals for divination
FIRE OF LOVE OIL: Strengthens affection between lovers
FIRE OF PASSION OIL: Used by lovers to rev up a dull life
FIVE CIRCLE OIL: Use for Prophetic Dreams
FLAMING POWER OIL: Makes you more exciting to those of the opposite sex
FLYING DEVIL OIL: Used to overcome the power of a strong ouanga or hex
FOLLOW ME BOY OIL: Use to attract the affection of many men at once, perfect if your not looking for anyone in particular
FOLLOW ME GIRL OIL: Use to attract the affection of many women at once, perfect if your not looking for anyone in particular
FOUR WINDS OIL: Use in rituals when calling the four winds, indivudal winds ae also avalible
FRANKINCENSE OIL: Use in spiritual and meditation rituals
FRENCH CREOLE OIL: Helps to interpret dreams prophetically.
FRENCH LOVE OIL: Increases psychic powers and exposes deceitful people who are working against you
FULL MOON OIL: Use during Full Moon rituals, or simply to attune with the Moon

GALLINA NEGRA OIL: Use to remove any kind of jinx

GAMES OF CHANCE OIL: Anoint your hands and lucky talimans before gambling
GARDENIA OIL: Use in love rituals
GEMINI OIL: (May 21 – Jun 21) Used to increase personal powers of those under this sign
GERANIUM OIL: Use in love, happiness and proteciton rituals
GET AWAY OIL: Use to drive unwanted persons from your lives
GINGER OIL: Use in love, money, courage and protection rituals
GLOW OF ATTRACTION OIL: Gives you personal magnetism to attract a mate
GNOME’S CAP OIL: Use to contact the faeries connected with the Earth Element such as Gnomes, Dwarfs, ect
GO AWAY OIL: To make unwanted persons leave you alone
GOD FIRE OIL: Use in rituals to invoke Male Power
GODDESS OIL: For women who want respect and admiration
GODDESS OF EVIL OIL: For protection while casting hexes on others
GODDESS OF LOVE OIL: To make men treat you with love and respect
GOLDEN DAWN OIL: Used by tarot readers before and after meeting with a client
GOSSAMER WINGS OIL: Use to contact the faeries connected with the Air Element such as sylphs, elves, ect
GOOD LUCK OIL: For wish-magick, jinx-breaking, luck, money and success spells
GOOD LUCK MYSTIC OIL: A highly spiritual blend which makes one dream prophetically
GOOD LUCK SPIRITUAL OIL: Used by readers to give them comfortable vibrations in their workrooms
GOOD OMEN OIL: Anont candles when performing magickal spells and rituals that involve money,luck and chance
GOONA GOONA OIL: A special blend used only to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding
GRAPEFRUIT OIL: Use in purification rituals
GREEK GOD/GODDESS OIL: Use in rituals when invoking and honoring all the Greek Gods and Goddess
GREEN MAN OIL: Use in rituals when invoking the Ancient Green Man
GRIS-GRIS FAIBLE OIL: Use in rituals to destroy an enemy’s power to harm you
GUARDIAN ANGEL OIL: Use to draw your Angel protector
GYPSY BLOOD OIL: Use in rituals to make unwanted people uproot & leave

HAITIAN GAMBLER OIL: Use to banish a streak of even the worst luck

HAITI JUNGLE OIL: Used to avert hexes and to cast spells on others you dislike intensely
HAITIAN LOVER OIL: An excellent formula for men only
HANDFASTING OIL: Used at a wiccan handfasting ceremony for the joining of two people
HAS NO HANNA OIL: A wonderful incense blend designed to bring luck and good fortune to believers
HEALING OIL: Burn in rituals to speed healing
HEALTH OIL: Used to consecrate candles, talismans, or anything pertinent to healing rituals
HELL’S OIL: One of the best incenses to use for placing a hex on someone
HELPING HAND OIL: Draw assistance in all matters, especialy law cases
HEMATITE GEMSTONE OIL: Use for grounding, practicality, materialistic concerns, divination and to charge hematites
HERB OIL: Use in rituals or mojo bags to bring good luck in gambling
HIGH ALTAR OIL: Use to invite benevolent spirits to your surroundings
HIGH CONQUERING OIL: A very powerful means of attracting wealth, prestige, love and health.
HIGH JOHN THE CONQUER OIL: Use to attain goals and bring financial security
HIGH PRIEST OIL: Use for spiritual growth of a High Priest
HIGH PRIESTESS OIL: Use for spiritual growth of a High Priestess
HOLY OIL: Used for blessings candles, altars, talismans and amulets
HOLY FAMILY OIL: Use in rituals for peaceful home and family
HOLY GRAIL OIL: Use in rituals to activate the astral body and to help manifest higher consciousness
HOLY TRINITY OIL: To encircle yourself with the power of the Holy Trinity
HOLY SPIRIT OIL: Use in rituals and meditations to increases clairvoyant powers
HOODOO OIL: All purpose incense for use in any Hoodoo spellwork
HORN OF PLENTY OIL: Use in rituals for great wealth, prosperity, esteem and tranquility
HORNED GOD OIL: Use to honor the Horned One during Wiccan rituals
HOT FOOT OIL: Used when driving away enemies and moving them out
HOUSE BLESSING OIL: Used to purify and protect a house from evil spirits
HYSSOP OIL: Use in cleansing rituals

I CAN, YOU CAN’T OIL: To keep your enemies from acheiving their goals against you

INDIA BOUQUET OIL: Stops fighting in a marriage and brings peace between couples
INFANT OF ATOCHA OIL: Helps those in prison, kidnapped, missing, or living under political terrorism
INFANT OF PRAGUE OIL: Anoint candle and light while praying for those in surgery
INFLAMMATORY CONFUSION OIL: Increases confusion in cheating lovers and cause them to quarrel and fight
INITIATION OIL: Use in mystic initiation ceremonies
INTRANQUIL SPIRIT OIL: To make ex lovers restless and want to come back to you

JAMACIA BUSH OIL: For helping bring luck while gambling

JASMINE OIL: Use in love, psychic awareness and spirituality rituals
JERUSALEM OIL: Used to protect infants and small children
JESUS CHRIST THE KING OIL: Anoint candle and self and pray for mercy and restoration
JESUS MALVERDE OIL: Protection from enemies and for miracles of all kinds
JEZEBEL OIL: Use in rituals to make a man do as you will
JINX OIL: Use to cause harm to your enemies
JINX REMOVING OIL: Anoint yourself if you have been badly hexed
JOCKEY CLUB PERFUME OIL: Use in rituals for uncrossings
JOHN THE CONQUEROR OIL: Brings the user victory over all odds
JU JU OIL: Use for protection
JUNIPER OIL: Use in love, lust, protection, purification and healing rituals
JUPITER OIL (PLANETARY): Use in rituals for riches, wealth, expansion, successful outcome in legal matters, luck and general business success
JURY WINNING OIL: When having to face a jury, use this incense to win
JUST JUDGE OIL: Use in honor of the Orisha Olofi and helps sway the scales of justice in your favor
JUSTICE OF HORUS OIL: Use the power of Horus to sway those in authority to you
JYOTI OIL: Use in rituals for financial gain and business protection

KABALA OIL: Use in rituals to talk to the spirits

KAMA SUTRA OIL: Use in rituals to incite lust, arouses passion and regain vigor
KEEP AWAY ENEMIES OIL: Anoint doorways & window panes to keep your enemies out
KEEP AWAY LAW OIL: Used by people who wish to conduct their business in private
KINDLY SPIRIT OIL: When you are lonely and need a friend
KING OIL: Used only by men to attract love and succes
KING DAVID OIL: Use in rituals for power & influence
KING MIDAS OIL: Use in rituals to draw money to you
KING SOLOMON OIL: Grants user the wisdom of Solomon when making decisions
KING OF THE WOODS OIL: Used by men, it is a sexual domination formula
KYOTO OIL: Use in rituals for when one desiring change of luck
KYPHI OIL: Use to cleanes and purify prior to rituals involving Egyptian Deities

LA FLAMME OIL: Women burn this seductive scent when snaring an unwilling man

LA MADAMA OIL: Use for gambling luck
LADY LUCK OIL: Will assist you in winning with regularity
LADY OF CHARITY OIL: Guard against enemies and protect ones possessions
LADY OF GRACE OIL: Her aid is sought by those in need, especially for healing miracles
LADY OF GUADALUPE OIL: For financial issues and to receive special blessings
LADY OF FATIMA OIL: Anoint her candle and light when saying the rosary for your petitions
LADY OF MERCY OIL: Anoint her candle and light, pray to her for those held hostage
LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL OIL: For family matters especially those dealing with children, child support issues and against home violence
LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP OIL: Draw comfort, confidence, and assistance
LADY OF THE GREEN OIL: Use this oil to attune yourself with the Lady of the Green on May Day
LADY OF THE LAKE OIL: Use this oil to attune yourself with the Lady of the Lake
LAPIS LAZULI GEMSTONE OIL: Use to cleanse your throak chakra, expression, communication, soothing, love, peace and to charge lapis lazuli stones
LAVENDER OIL: Use in health, love and peace rituals
LAW KEEP AWAY OIL: Used by people who wish to conduct their business in private
LAW STAY AWAY OIL: To keep your home and car from being inspected by police
LE DIABLE S’EN VA OIL: For removing negative thoughtforms within a building and heavy negative vibrations
LEMON OIL: Use in cleansing, healing and purification rituals
LEMONGRASS OIL: Use in consecration, cleansing, and love rituals
LEO OIL: (JUL.24 – AUG.22) Used to increase personal powers of those under this sign
LEPRECHAUN’S GOLD OIL: Use in rituals to help attract good luck
LIBRA OIL: (SEPT. 22 – OCT.21) Use to increase personal powers of those under this sign
LILITH OIL: Used to bring about sexual excitement and lust
LIME OIL: Use in purificaton and protectoin rituals
LOBBAN OIL: Use in rituals as a strong purifying oil
LODESTONE OIL: For drawing whatever is needed in money or love
LOOK ME OVER OIL: Used in glamor spells to attract attention, particularly from men
LORD AND LADY OIL: Use in Wiccan rituals when invoking the Lord and Lady
LORD OF ESQUIPULAS OIL: Pray to him for any miracle or favor as long as it is asked with faith
LORD OF MIRACLES OIL: Use in rituals to solve difficult problems
LOTTERY OIL: Use in rituals to attract good fortune, money and gambling luck
LOST & AWAY OIL: Said to be one of the most powerful of incenses for getting rid of someone
LOTUS BOUQUET OIL: Use in love spirituality, healing or meditation spells
LOUISIANA VAN VAN OIL: For dressing amulets, charms and to clear evil from the door-step
LOVE BREAKER OIL: Used to spoil a love affair or marraige
LOVE #20 OIL: A special love oil formula from New Orleans
LOVE ME PERFUME OIL: Increases sexual magnetism and potency
LOVE & SUCCESS OIL: Reignites passion in a marriage that lacks romance
LUCK OIL: Use in rituals to bring positive changes in ones life
LUCK AROUND BUSINESS OIL: Brings an increase in business and draw new customers
LUCKY DOG OIL: Believed by gamblers to attract favorable vibrations
LUCKY 7 OIL: Protects against being hexed or crossed by an unknown enemy
LUCKY 9 OIL: Use in rituals to open the way to wisdom and mastery
LUCKY 13 OIL: Use in rituals to break jinxes, end cross conditions and dispel evil
LUCKY LODESTONE OIL: For developing good fortune and changing bad luck to good
LUCKY SPIRIT OIL: Attracts all helpful spirits
LUV LUV LUV OIL: Used to attract those already taken by someone else

MAD OIL: Used to hex others by driving them to insanity

MAGICK CARPET OIL: A very strong blend used for Astral Projection
MAGICAL POWER OIL: A very strong blend used for increasing your magical powers
MAGNET OIL: Attracts all forms of good luck and love
MAGNOLIA OIL: Use in rituals for love, meditation and psychic awareness
MAGUS OIL: Use in rituals for intitation or scrying
MAIDEN OIL: Use in rituals when invoking the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess
MANDRAKE PERFUME OIL: Used by rootworkers to anoint love-dolls and for money drawing magic
MARIA DOLOROSA DE MONTE CALVARIO OIL: Use when feeling depressed or sad
MARIE LAVEAU OIL: Use to invoke the Queen of Voodoo for all types of rituals
MARJORAM OIL: Use in legal and protection rituals
MARRIAGE BLESSINGS OIL: To attract a proposal of marriage, to bless a new marriage
MARS OIL (PLANETARY): Use in rituals for vengence, triumph, war, conflict, fights, discord, generate energy, lust, physical strength, psychic use and psychic protecton
MARTHA DOMINADORA OIL: Used to dominate men, situations, inner problems and in defeating your enemies
MASTER OIL: Powerfully aid one’s ability to control situation and people
MASTER KEY OIL: Used by those seeking occult and spiritual mastery
MEDITATION OIL: Wear to aid in meditation or doing psychic work
MEMORY DROPS OIL: Use when studying to retain memory
MERCURY OIL (PLANETARY): Use in rituals for infiltration, studying & aquisition of knowlege, quickness, knowing public speaking,diplomacy
MERLIN OIL: Used by men for obtaining wisdom
MERLIN’S MIGHT OIL: Use to boost your magical power
MIDNIGHT PASSION OIL: Use in love spells to increas passion in a relationship
MIDSUMMER EVE OIL: Use to attract faeires to your circle at midsummer
MIDSUMMER FAERY OIL: Use to attract faeires to your rituals or circle
MIMOSA MAGICK OIL: Use when making complicated decisions that have far reaching affects
MINOIAN OIL: Use as a very holy oil and to keep a lover faithful.
MINT BOUQUET OIL: Helps remove spirits and ghosts from your home
MIRACULOUS VIRGIN OIL: To draw abundance and protection from the Blessed Mother
MISTS AND SHADOWS OIL: Use this oil when working between the Faery Kingdom and our own
MONEY OIL: Use in rituals to draw money to yourself and business
MONEY DRAWING OIL: Anoint green candles and add a drop in incense to increaes cash flow to you
MONTSEURRAT OIL: To help pregnancies and help have healthy babies
MOON OIL: For rites of divination, astral projection, imagination and to attune with the energies of the moon
MOON FIRE OIL: Use in rituals for divination, love & harmony
MOON GODDESS OIL: Use when working with any moon goddess
MOON LIGHT GROVE OIL: Use in night rituals to attract elves
MOON MYST OIL: To become connect with the moon and her mysteries
MOON PRIEST OIL: Anoint yourself prior to group rituals involving moon magic
MOON PRIESTESS OIL: Anoint yourself prior to group rituals involving moon magic
MOONSTONE GEMSTONE OIL: Use for love, divination, psychism, sleep, protection, moon goddesses and to charge moonstones
MOSES OIL: A spiritual blend used to smoke seals
MOTHER OIL: Use in rituals when invoking the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess
MOUNT OIL: Usein rituals to increase physical strength and allure
MUSK LOVE OIL: A very sexualy empowered blend used to arouse ones passions
MYRRH OIL: Use in healing, meditation and spiritual rituals
MYSTIC OIL: Use to increase your mystic vibrations
MYSTIC HERMIT OIL: Use in rituals to aide in spiritual growth
MYSTIC RITES OIL: Aides in understanding mysteries which seem beyond human comprehension
MYSTIC RITUAL OIL: Use for protection from psychic bombardment

NEPTUNE OIL (PLANETARY): Use for rituals and spells that involve clairvoyance and physic abilities, emotional projection, travel, intuition connected to those around you

NEROLI OIL: Use in love, happiness and purificaiton rituals
NEW-MOWN HAY BOUQUET OIL: Use in rituals to break negative habits and addictions
NEW MOON OIL: Use in rituals for new beginnings, growth, transformation and to bring something new into your life.
NINE AFRICAN POWERS OIL: Use in rituals for protection from witchcraft, jinxings and evil
NINE MYSTERIES OIL: Use to gain secret knowledge, locate lost items & make someone speak the truth outloud
NIRVANA OIL: Aides to fortell the future or communicate with the dead
NO HEX OIL: Use to remove any kind of hex that has been placed on you
NUTMEG OIL: Use in money, gambling and luck rituals
NYMPH OIL: Use in love rituals to attract men
NYMPH AND SAYTR OIL: Used to attract men to a woman

OAKMOSS BOUQUET OIL: Use to attract money. Anoint cash before spending it

OBEAH PERFUME OIL: A powerful African blend used to bless prayer rooms and protects against evil in all forms
OBISTU OIL: Mixed with any hexing, jinxing & crossing oil to increase its power
OFFERTORY OIL: Use in rituals as an offering to spirits
OLYMPIAN ORACLE OIL: Use in rituals to enchance your psychic abilities
OPENING EYES TO SPIRIT WORLD OIL: Use in rituals involving spirit communication
ORANGE OIL: Use in love, marriage and wish rituals

PAGAN POWER OIL: Use in rituals to raise energy

PALMAROSA OIL: Use in love, luck, cleansing and healing rituals
PAST LIVES OIL: Use in past live regression session
PATCHOULI OIL: Use in money, sex, physical energy, love and protection ans hexing rituals
PEACE OIL: Use in rituals to bring about general and inner peace
PEACE & PROTECTION OIL: To bring peace and protection into your home
PEACEFUL HOME OIL: Use in rituals to bring happiness to the home
PENTATRUCK OIL: A New Orleans blend used for uncrossing and protection
PEPPERMINT OIL: Use in purification and protection rituals
PERSONAL BLESSINGS OIL: Use in rituals to bring blessings and luck onto oneself
PINE OIL: Use in healing, money, protection and cleasning rituals
PISCES OIL: (FEB. 19 – MAR.20) Use to increase personal powers of those under this sign
PLANETARY OIL: An all purpose oil to use for all planetary works
PLUTO OIL: Use for rituals and spells that involve rebirth, death, understanding, ending things & mystic enlightenment
POWER OIL: To overcome another’s power and increase your own
PRAY OIL: Use in rituals so that your requests are heard and answered
PROPHETIC DREAMS OIL: To bring or increase prophetic visions and dreams
PROPHECY OIL: Use n rituals for divination & psychic work
PROSPERITY OIL: To increase your income and bring about a better life
PROTECTION OIL: Guards against jinxes, curses,evil eye and envious people
PROTECTION & LOVE OIL: For protection concerning love affairs
PSYCHIC OIL: Wear or use in rituals to increase psychic abilities
PSYCHIC POWER OIL: Use to receive aid of mystical and spiritual powers
PURIFICATION OIL: Use to purify the atmosphere of a disturbed home

Q OIL: Used by men to find passion and love

Q PERFUME OIL: A highly stimulating oil used to entice anyone you deeply desire
QABAL OIL: Used to open up spiritual contact and communication
QUEEN OIL: Use only by women, producer of passion, attracts both love and success
QUEEN OF SHEBA OIL: Entice friends,bewitch lovers and complete strangers to favor the wearer
QUEEN OF TIBET OIL: Used by those that want the most out of life
QUICKSILVER OIL: Add to any other oils to make the spell work faster
QUIETING OIL: Used when you are in over stressed conditions
QUITTING OIL: Makes your enemies stop trying to place hexes on you

RAMA DREAM OIL: Use for prophetic dreams and to improve psychic visions

RED OIL: For lonely women seeking male companionship and a hot time
RED FAST LUCK OIL: For success in any business transaction
RED JASPER GEMSTONE OIL: Use to cleanse root chakra, focus, positivity, mental process, grace and to charge red jasper stones
RED ROSE OIL: Creates a strong bond of love between two people
REPENTANT OIL: Cleanses the spirit and aids in purifying the soul
REVEAL TRUTH OIL: To reveal the truth of a situation so that it can be resolved
REVENGE OIL: For exacting justice upon someone who has done you wrong
REVERSIBLE OIL: Used to return hexes and cureses back to the one who sent it to you
RICHES & FAVORS OIL: Use in rituals to attract riches & success
ROMPEZARAGUEY OIL: Use to cause relationships to break up
ROSE OIL: Use to attract and bring more love into a relationship
ROSE OF CRUCIFIXION OIL: Rosicrucian oil for contemplation on the Mysteries of Jesus and Mary
ROSEMARY OIL: Use in love, healing, home and family works
ROSEWOOD OIL: Use in in spritual and healing rituals
ROSE QUARTZ GEMSTONE OIL: Use to cleanse heart chakra, love, happiness and to charge rose quartz
ROSY CROSS OIL: Students should use this to help them pass tests and keep their monds on studying
RUE OIL: Use to draw money, love, remove evil eye, break hexes, jinxes as well as place hexes, curses and jinxes

SABBAT OIL: An all purpose incense for use at all Wiccan Sabbats

SACRED HEART OF JESUS OIL: Bring a multitude of blessings, peace and protection
SACRED MEDJET OIL: Use for consecration, driving away negativity and as an aide for divination and astral journeying
SACRED SHIELD OIL: Use to shield yourself against bindings
SAGE OIL: Use in healing, spirituality, wisdom and mental rituals
SAGITTARIUS OIL: (NOV. 21 – DEC. 20) Used to increase personal powers of those under this sign
SAINT AGATHA OIL: Patroness and helper of those who suffer from diseases of the breasts
SAINT AGNES OIL: To keep a husband faithful, find a soulmate or reveal dishonesty in a relationship
SAINT ALEXO OIL: Protects one from Satan and all other foes
SAINT ANNA OIL: Use for a peaceful and happy home
SAINT ANTHONY OF PADUA OIL: For peace and blessings and locating lost or missing articles
SAINT BARBARA OIL: She strengthens faith and protects from evil
SAINT CHRISTOPHER OIL: Patron of safe travel and Patron Saint of Havana Cuba
SAINT CLARA OIL: Protection from witchcraft and black magic
SAINT CYPRIAN OIL: Protection from harm and defeats witchcraft
SAINT DYMPHNA OIL: For help with nervous disorders, mental afflictions, epilepsy, insanity, obsession and astral attack
SAINT ELENA OIL: For the return of a lost lover
SAINT ELIAS OIL: For release from imprisonment
SAINT EXPEDITE OIL: To resolve problems quickly
SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI OIL: For charity, guardianship of wild animals, protection of gardens and pets
SAINT GABRIEL OIL: For dream interpetation and aide from the Archangel himself
SAINT ISIDORE OIL: Good for job, money and better business work
SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST OIL: For cleansing and purification
SAINT JOSEPH WITH JESUS OIL: Use for work and job issues or matters concerning the home including real estate transactions
SAINT JUDE OIL: Assistance from the Saint of the Impossible in any matter which seems hopeless
SAINT LAZARUS OIL: Use for healing, infirmities and to open doors to new opportunity
SAINT LUCY OIL: For insight, vision and to see things clearly
SAINT MARTHA OIL: Overcome all difficulties with her aid and protection
SAINT MARTIN OF TOURS OIL: To draw money and customers
SAINT MARTIN DE PORRES OIL: For issues regarding health and when in desperate need of money
SAINT MICHAEL OIL: For deliverences from one’s enemies and for courage
SAINT MERCEDES OIL: Bring protection from the police and the law
SAINT PETER OIL: Use for strength, mercy, forgiveness of sins and help with problems
SAINT PHILOMENA OIL: For help with desperate situations, problems with children, unhappiness in the home
SAINT RAFAEL OIL: Use for extreme healing
SAINT RAMON OIL: For a peaceful home, love within the family & to stop gossip and slander against you
SAINT SIMON OIL: For protection and aide with finance
SAINT TERESA OIL: For help with addiction and alcoholsim, protection against witchcraft and to restore faith
SANCTUM OIL: Use to sanctify tools or space before rituals
SANDALWOOD OIL: Used in spiritual, cleansing, meditation and sex rituals
SANTISIMA MUERTE (HOLY DEATH) OIL: Use when working with La Santisima in her 7 colors
SAPHOS OIL: Used for female to female attraction
SPEARMINT OIL: Use in healing, love and mental power rituals
SATAN BE GONE OIL: Use for breaking and defeating hexes, curses and crossings
SATURN OIL (PLANETARY): For activating reincarnatory memories, banishing illness, breaking habits, inaugurating temples, sacred groves consecrating workrooms, objects etc.
SATYR OIL: Used in love rituals by men to attract women
SCORPIO OIL: (OCT. 23 – NOV. 21) Used to increase personal powers of those under this sign
SECRET DESIRES OF MY HEART/MIND/BODY OIL: For confidence to reveal the desires you wish to share
SEDUCTION OIL: Will help you to seduce anyone you choose
SEPARATION OIL: Use when you desire to break any relationship
SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS OIL: Use in rituals to honor the Orishas
SEVEN DAY UNCROSSING OIL: An excellent blend to use in overcomng a particularly strong hex
SEVEN HOLY SPIRIT OIL: To gain help from spirits
SHI SHI OIL: Cleanse your path toward advancement of all obsticles, triumph over adversaries
SHOE STRING ROOT OIL: Brings extreme good luck to those who play cards as it invokes lucky spiritual forces
SHOWER OF GOLD OIL: Used in Rituals pertaining to matters of money and prosperity
SNAKE OIL: Most powerfulall purpose oil for obtaining money, love, protection, and power
SORCERER OIL: Use to enhance one’s magical abilities
SORCERESS OIL: Use to enhance one’s magical abilities
SPECIAL FAVORS OIL: Use when working with spirits or Saints to obtain that which is needed
SPECIAL #20 OIL: Loosens someone tongue so that they will tell you what you need to know
SPELL BREAKER OIL: Protects and breaks hexes being placed upon you
SPIDER QUEEN OIL: Used in domination and controling spells
SPIRIT OIL: Used to increase clairvoyant powers and spirit communication
SPIRIT CHANNELING OIL: For communicating with the spirit world
SPIRIT’S GUIDE PERFUME OIL: Assists in communicating with deceased friends and relatives
SPIRITISTS OIL: Used by spiritists to obtain great power of communication
SPIRITUALITY OIL: Use prior to meditaion or religious rituals
SPRUCE OIL: Use in grounding, meditation and purificaiton rituals
STAR DAUGHTER OIL: Use for communcating with astral beings
STARRY WISDOM OIL: Use when seeking wisdom and advise from the outer world
STAY AT HOME OIL: Forces a lover or a mate to stop being unfaithful
STAY WITH ME OIL: To encourage fidelity, loyalty, and a long-term relationship without separations
STONE CIRCLE POWER OIL: Use for banishing and protection during rituals
SUCCESS OIL: Assists in defeating all competition and overcoming all obstacles in the way of success
SUN OIL: Rites of success, healing, wealth, good fortune, friendship, energy & will, wellness, harmony
SUN GOD OIL: Use in rituals involving the Sun God
SUN GODDESS OIL: Use in rituals involving the Sun Goddess
SWALLOW’S BLOOD OIL: Use in love drawing rituals
SWALLOW’S EYE OIL: Use to stop people from givinng you the evil eye
SWALLOW’S HEART OIL: Use on gambling charm for better luck
SWEET PEA BOUQUET OIL: Wear to attract new friends and to draw love

TALISMAN CONSECRATION OIL: Use to consecrate talismans

TAPER PERFUME OIL: Used to attract love, healing and positive forces
TAR PERFUME OIL: Used to create unusual and difficult problems for your enemies
TAURUS OIL: (APR. 20 – MAY 20) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign
TEA TREE OIL: use in purification and money rituals
TEMPLE OIL: Use in temple or magic room, smoke tools & participants prior to ritual and also increase spirituality
TEN COMMANDMENTS OIL: For anointing tools and those sorely troubled by past mistakes
TEN SILVERS OIL: To attract good fortune in times of despair
THE PHOENIX OIL: Use to rise up from hardship
THIEF OIL: Helps in exposing thief to you and causes him untold grief til stolen items are returned
THIRD EYE OIL: Increases visions, prophecy and commuication with spirits
THOUSAND-NAMED SOLAR OIL: Used to attract solar influences
THREE JACKS OIL: Brings good luck while gambling
THREE JACKS AND A KING OIL: The luckiest of all good luck gambling incenses
THREE KINGS OIL: A good luck blend which brings a change of fortune in every area of life
THREE KNAVES OIL: Use as an offering to spirits
THRIFTY OIL: To obtain generosity from friends and relatives, makes stingy partner spend more money on you
THYME OIL: Use in money, health and purification rituals
TIGER’S EYE GEMSTONE OIL: Use in money, good luck, courage, divination and to charge tiger eyes
TIGER PERFUME OIL: Use to overpower another’s objections to your plans
TINTAGEL OIL: Use to make your house impenetrable to evil spirits and enemies
TONKA BOUQUET OIL: Use in money rituals
TRINITY OIL: For spiritual blessings in your works
TRUE LOVE OIL: Use in rituals to draw true love to you
TRYST PERFUME OIL: Use when you want passion to enter the relationship
TUBEROSE BOUQUET OIL: Use in love and peace blends
TWISTING BOUQUET OIL: Reverses the effect of any crossing

UNCROSSING OIL: Remove crossed conditions, stop hexes, jinxs and bad luck

UNFAITHFUL OIL: Use on individual to make them stop fooling around
UNFORGIVING OIL: Said to force the other party to forgive and forget
UNTRUSTFUL OIL: Makes people tell you the truth, exposing their lies
UNIVERSAL OIL: Use for all positive magickal purposes
URANUS OIL: Use for rituals and spells that involve imagination, mental projection, confidence, mysticism etc…

VAN VAN OIL: For dressing Amulets, Charms and for clearing evil

VENUS OIL (PLANETARY): For rites of sacred love, healing, partnerships, sexual allurement, marriage, beauty, friendship
VERSATILE OIL: Helps you to adept to all changes in your life
VETIVERT OIL: Use in love, money and protection rituals
VIRGIN OF ALTA GRACIA OIL: For miracules cures and intercession with problems
VIRGO OIL: (Aug 21 – Sept 21) Used to increase personal powers of those under this sign
VISION OIL: Brings prophetic dreams, used by spiritualists when calling upon spirits for guidance
VOODOO BLESSING OIL: Use in Voodoo rituals to purify the room
VOODOO NIGHT PERFUME OIL: A powerful incense designed to draw others to you

WANGA OIL: Use to increase the powers of magickal charms

WANING GIBBOUS MOON OIL: Use to defeats curses, hexes and crossed conditions or cause them
WAXING GIBBOUS MOON OIL: Use to rituals performed during the waxing moon to attract love, money, good health, job
WAR OIL: Creates tranquility and peace out of chaos caused by others
WATER OIL: To invoke, evoke, experience, manipulate Water Element & Elementals
WEALTH OIL: Use to attract large amounts of money
WEAR AWAY OIL: Use to place a mild crossing on someone you wish to teach a lesson
WEED OF MISFORTUNE OIL: To make your enemies lose everything they own
WICCA OIL: Used by those new to Wicca for guidance and understanding in their studies
WINNER’S CIRCLE OIL: Assists in gambling and luck
WINTERGREEN OIL: Use in luck and protection rituals
WISHBONE OIL: Use with the wisebone of a chicken or turkey to make wishes come true
WITCH OIL: Use in both black and white magic,divination, spirit communication and invocation
WITCHES’SIGHT OIL: For Tarot readings, crystal ball readings, meditating
WITCHBANE OIL: To get rid of interfering people and cause discord between people disloyal to you
WOLF’S BLOOD OIL: Gives courage when under great pressure
WOLF’S EYE OIL: Use to be directed along a safe path wherever you venture
WOLF’S HEART OIL: Use to draw attention onto one self
WOOD SONG OIL: Use when you need help from spirits to resolve difficult problems
WORMWOOD OIL: Use to aide in spirit communication,placing hexes and for making pacts with the devil
WYLD WITCH OIL: Use to summon and control the four elements

YA YA OIL: Said to make a woman more fertile and protects against miscarriages

YAKA OIL: Add to jinx or black magic rituals to intensify the ritual
YLANG YLANG OIL: Use in love and spiritual rituals
YO YO OIL: Use against females bothering your man so that her advances are ignored
YULA PERFUME OIL: Never use except when the death of an enemy is desired
YUZA YUZA OIL: A mystical incense blend used for calling the spirits of the dead

ZAWBA OIL: Causes lovers and close friends to fight and cause dissension in marriage and business partners

ZODIAC OIL (ALL SIGNS): A mixture of all twelve scents for all purpose work
ZOMBI OIL: Use only when casting very serious hexing or cursing spells
ZONKA OIL: Use to break evil spells during a full moon while outside
ZORBA PERFUME OIL: To make your man stronger and more powerful during sex
ZORRA OIL: Use to get rid of someone that is unwanted or always causing trouble
ZULA ZULA OIL: Powerful hexing oil that brings revenge and harms your enemies

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