~ Closed For Thanksgiving ~

The Witch's Lair Occult will be closed Nov. 21-29 for Thanksgiving break. We will reopen Monday Nov. 30.  Any readings or rituals that might be pending that were paid for before Nov. 20th will be placed on a temporary hold until Monday Nov. 30. Enjoy the Holidays with family! Copyright © 2002 – Present The Witch's … Continue reading ~ Closed For Thanksgiving ~

~ A Wonderful Surprise! ~

So I haven't been online as much because I have been working on my magickal online courses, of them being a Santisima Muerte Course which I feel that between the methods I have chossen to teach the courses I hope will be a rather successful. Anyways while going through my emails I received one from … Continue reading ~ A Wonderful Surprise! ~

~ November Magick ~

Activities and Rituals: Thanksgiving rituals and spell work, prosperity and abundance rituals, a time to begin conserving energy, All Saints Day, All Souls Day Animals: Deer Birds: Pheasants, Turkeys Colors: a hint of fall colors, gray, sage green Deities: Bast, Hecate, Isis, Kali, Osirius, Sarasvasti Demon: Asmodai Flowers: Chrysanthemum Foods: Apples, Apple Pies, Cherries, Cherry Pies, Pumpkins, Pumpkin Pies, Breads and … Continue reading ~ November Magick ~

~ Samhain – Halloween ~

Samhain is the third and final harvest, the harvest of meat.  The sun is at its lowest point on the horizon as measured by the ancient standing stones of Britain and Ireland and the veil between worlds is at its thinnest allowing  those who have died in the past year and those who are to … Continue reading ~ Samhain – Halloween ~


This is a ritual that just like the phase can be done whenever the blue moon shows itself since it is built upon that energy. With the full/blue moon falling on Samhain with the Day of the Dead following right behind it it's the perfect time with the veil being so thin. I wrote this … Continue reading ~ SANTISIMA MUERTE BLUE MOON RITUAL ~


Offer 1 white candle on a Tuesday, 1 white flower, cigarettes, and vodka at La Santisima Muerte Altar and say the following prayer..... Almighty God, before your Divine Presence, (sign of the cross) in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I ask permission to invoke the Santa Muerte. Holy and Powerful Mother, … Continue reading ~ INVOCATION PRAYER OF LA SANTISIMA MUERTE ~


Pan de Muerto is a bread that is traditionally placed on the altars of the ancestors and La Santisima Muerte and with Samhain and Dia de los Muertos fastly approaching I wanted to share this recipe with you so that you guys can make it especially if like me you live in an area where … Continue reading ~ PAN DE MUERTOS RECIPE ~

~Santa Muerte Black Magic Brujeria Breaker ~

*I wish to thank my fellow sister and devotee of the Santisima Muerte Community A.M. for allowing me to share this interesting ritual with you.* This ritual is used when you suspect that your health is declining due to brujeria (witchcraft) that has been done against you. It is important to point out that there … Continue reading ~Santa Muerte Black Magic Brujeria Breaker ~

~ October Magick ~

Activities and Rituals:  Making besoms, divination, crone magick, seances, spirit contact, working with dark energy, spells for new beginnings Animals:  Bats, Cats Birds: Crows, Ravens, Owls Colors:  Brown, dark green, gold Deities:  Astarte, horned god, Lakshmi, Ishtar Demon: Baal Flowers:  Calendula Foods: Apples, pumpkin, squash, nut breads, sweet potatoes, roast meat, root vegetables Herbs: Allspice, basil, clove, ginger, heather, … Continue reading ~ October Magick ~

~ La Santisima Muerte Fourth Pentacle Of Venus Love Spell ~

This is a powerful 7 day ritual that will have the target eating out of your hand, I warn you that like with all love work it can get ugly so be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you know the target EXTREMELY WELL before performing this otherwise you will find yourself with a nasty surprise later. This … Continue reading ~ La Santisima Muerte Fourth Pentacle Of Venus Love Spell ~