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This 10 month course was created to teach students my own personal style of working with La Santisima Muerte. These easy to follow and simple methods will truly advance your already strong connection to La Santisima Muerte for the purpose of submitting your own magickal requests. A true working relationship. The cost is $140 and payment plan is avalable.

And the reason for such a lengthy course is because we all have lives and family so I figured with weekly lessons and access to videos that you can read and watch at your own pace it will make it easier for you.  If there is one thing I have learned when studying any style or form of magic is that THERE IS NO FINISH LINE CAUSE IT’S NOT A RACE!

All of the content is delivered in the form of weekly lessons with accompanying VIDEOS and also encouraging the student to post questions to the group as a way of opening the mind and to “think outside the box”. As your teacher, my goal is to get you away from reading books and start your journey to a better and stronger relationship with La Santisima Muerte. If you are already connecting with La Santisima Muerte, allow me to share additional techniques that could enhance your current style of practice.


  • Videos included with the majority of the lessons.
  • Live Q&A after every ten lessons for recap
  • WICKEDLY AWESOME Facebook Group for Course Students ONLY
  • Recipes included so you can try creating things for her
  • Support –  As the course instructor I am here to answer questions and bounce ideas off of
  • A Specialty Santisima Muerte Candle and Oil sent at the end of the course for those that DON’T DROP OUT OF THE COURSE

These are my videos and methods for how I work with La Santisima Muerte.  While some of the information and methods maybe considered by some to be traditional within the Cult of Santa Muerte, other things that I was guided to included are not so while I did my best to present the traditional side of the Cult of La Santisima Muerte other methods from practices that I have studied over the years I am only offering to students of this course.

The information presented in this course was created for you, the devotee by a devotee who wants a down to earth, no BS approach to working with La Santisima Muerte. The videos are raw and the lessons are not sugar coated.

If this is not what you are looking for in a Santisima Muerte Magick course, I am sure that you can find plenty of YouTube Videos from plenty of other devotees that might fit what you are seeking out better

1) You cannot take this course if you’re under 18 years old. You may be required to prove your age before course admission is accepted.  If you are under the age of 18 and your parent has approved you taking this course then arrangements will be made to discuss this further.

2) You need to access this course via a computer, laptop or tablet with attachable keyboard and NOT your phone. If you do not have access to a computer, laptop or tablet with attachable keyboard DO NOT buy this course. 

3) The reason for this is because I have had a disastrous time with another course in which I allowed applicants to send me screenshots of their app and homework assignments so I decided after that course was over to change it up ASIDE from the fact that I like to keep the applications in a folder for later reference.

4) It will be at the discretion of the Santisima Muerte Magick Course admins to remove any person in this course or from the Santisima Muerte Magick Course FB group who does any of the following:

  • Stalking or Harassing other students EITHER IN OR OUTSIDE THE COURSE
  • Writing obnoxious, rude, insulting, and/or insensitive comments on other students posts
  • I WILL ASSUME that YOU are an adult, who does not need to be supervised when discussing topics in groups with other members. If You cannot compose yourself then you will be removed from the course entirely WITH NO REFUND!!!
  • Removes any content from this course or from the Private Facebook group, for the purposes of posting it somewhere else OR passing on the information to others OUTSIDE the course after having AGREED TO AND SIGNED THE PRIVACY CLAUSE on the application.
  • Once you are removed, YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED and due to past issues with giving second chances I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO REJOIN.

1) READ the course outline below to determine if this is the right course for you
2) Use the Contact Form located on the right had side and request a student application
3) I will send you the paypal link to send in payment. IMPORTANT NOTICE – Once you purchase this course, you will NOT be issued a refund for any reason should you change your mind and decide to drop out.

ISSUES? I am always available for assistance BUT PLEASE REMEMBER that I also have a life with clients, customers, family and my coven-tradition so don’t freak if I don’t respond right away.


Lesson 1 Introduction to La Santisima Muerte 

Lesson 2 The 10 Mandameintos of La Santisima Muerte  

Lesson 3 Are You Being Called? 

Lesson 4 Selecting a Santisima Muerte Image 

Lesson 5 Construction of La Santisima Muerte Altar

Lesson 6 Consecrating Your Santisima Muerte Statue 

Lesson 7 Setting Up Your Santisima Muerte Altar 

Lesson 8 Placement of Items on the Altar 

Lesson 9 Santisima Muerte Rosary 

Lesson 10 Magickal Days, Months and Their Planetary Rulers 


Lesson 11 La Santisima Muerte and Magickal Herbs 

Lesson 12 Magickal Classification of Herbs 

Lesson 13 Santisima Muerte Herbal Charms 

Lesson 14 Spiritual Baths Part I 

Lesson 15 Spiritual Baths Part II 

Lesson 16 Spiritual Baths Part III 

Lesson 17 Floor Washes in Santisima Muerte Magick 

Lesson 18 Santisima Muerte Bolsas 

Lesson 19 Santisima Muerte Candle Magick I 

Lesson 20 Santisima Muerte Candle Magick II


Lesson 21 Santisima Muerte Candle Magick III 

Lesson 22 Holy and Magickal Waters 

Lesson 23 Bodily Fluids and Personal Effects 

Lesson 24 Animal Organs In Santisima Muerte Magick 

Lesson 25 Cemetery and Graveyard Work 

Lesson 26 Graveyard and Other Dirts 

Lesson 27 Curses 

Lesson 28 Occult Oils in Santisima Muerte Magick 

Lesson 29 Incense in Santisima Muerte Magick 

Lesson 30 Powders in Santisima Muerte Magick 


Lesson 31 Stones in Santisima Muerte Magick 

Lesson 32 How to Dispose of Ritual Remnants 

Lesson 33 Paper Petitions in Santisima Muerte Magick 

Lesson 34 Seven Sacred Seals Of La Santisima Muerte 

Lesson 35 Talismans in Santisima Muerte Magick 

Lesson 36 Psalms in Santisima Muerte Magick 

Lesson 37 Divination in Santisima Muerte Magick

Lesson 38 Dealing With Troublesome Clients

Lesson 39 Wheel Of The Year

Lesson 40 Santisima Muerte Rituals – FINAL LIVE Q&A #4

This Website and all its contents belong to © Sorceress Melissa™, The Witch’s Lair Occult™ 2002-Present.

All Artwork, Titles, Designs, Names, Label Art, Website and Webpage Designs and All Images Unless Otherwise Indicated or Public Domain Seen On This Website Are Created By Sorceress Melissa and MAY NOT be copied, edited, published, reproduced, transmitted nor uploaded in anyway without written consent and approval. My images ARE NOT for the public domain to use. All my work is REGISTERED and PROTECTED under International Copyright Laws. All Rights Reserved


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