~ Santisima Muerte Rosary Short Video ~

This is a short video about the Santisima Muerte Rosary. I plan on making a much longer one going into further detail with prayers later on but for now this should be enough to get the jist of it. For those that were raised Catholic or have used other form of prayer or meditation beads you will find it easy to learn how to use the Santisima Muerte Rosary.

There are various reasons for using it, to make a stronger connection with her, it aide in sleep on restless nights, some rituals of hers require that it be performed as part of a 9 day ritual or NOVENA as it is called. While I was raised Catholic I have incorporated some of the traditional Santisima Muerte workings into m practice but I have changed things up as she has guided me to to make our working relationship more effective.

It is not ABSOLUTELY necessary to use this item as part of your working relationship and devotion to her if you are drawn to learning it BY HER then by all means do feel free to purchase one and learn it. I have found that by taking my time and not rushing to get it done you really feel her presence while reciting it. I of course have created my own invocations to recite which I have shared with the students taking my Santisima Muerte Magick course but there are a few websites out there that have posted various prayers used when reciting the Santisima Muerte Rosary.

I leave you with the short video below and will be working on a much longer full length video which will contain both traditional and varied prayers.

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